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A retarded state of affairs... what do you think about this?


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  • A retarded state of affairs... what do you think about this?

    This incident happened this morning in my city... what do you think?

    PD part of the incident:

    42-31 go ahead.
    42-31 Ill be on at Broad and Higuera with a public assist.
    42-31 10-4.
    (about 5 minutes later)
    42-31 42-Sam1 (watch commander)
    Sam 1 go ahead.
    42-31 I need you to respond to my location - I have an incident you need to assist with.
    Sam 1 10-4
    (5 minutes later)
    Sam 1.
    Sam 1 go ahead
    Sam 1, respond the FD to our location, we will need a ladder to get donw a large iguana on the wall of a business.
    (laughing) 10-4.

    FD part of incident:

    Traffic for engine 92... standby for a public assist (goes through whats going on. Keep in mind that they are having to pull engine 92 off of a training burn thats going on... theyre burning down an old strip mall. )

    92 responds and finds that there is a large iguana on the wall of a business, approx. 35 feet up. this is happening on Higuera street, the main drag in a town of 60,000 people and 2 colleges.... MEANING A LOAD OF PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. Engine 92 takes up one of the three lanes of traffic... not a big deal.)

    Engine 92, Batallion 12.
    Batallion 12, go ahead 92.
    Uh... we have a situation here that we need Truck 41 for (the 110' arial truck). Please get together a crew to staff 41 and have them respond.
    Is this an emergency?
    (pause...) (Retells the situation, not commenting on an emergency, which of course its NOT)
    (All of this time truck 41 is attending the training burn, and its staff is fighting fire... so they cant leave)

    Batallion 12, City Fire.
    City Fire go ahead.
    Ill be responding truck 41 by myself, Code 3.
    Uhhhh...... 10-4, Batallion 12 staffing truck 41 enroute to Broad and Higuera.

    They end up blocking all lanes of traffic on higuera for about 15-20 minutes trying to get this stupid thing down.

    A couple of things.... a Batallion Chief staffing an engine? This IS NOT hicktown USA Volunteer FD!

    Second... running CODE 3, through the city across town to get an F'ing reptile down.... JUST DOESNT MAKE SENSE!

    What do you think about all of this? Sorry, just had to vent

    [ 01-12-2002: Message edited by: slolightbar ]
    Stay Safe Everyone!

    Matthew Frank
    Owner, Code3 Response

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    No one considered that maybe the reptile wanted to be up there?


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      Is this going to make it to national T.V.??
      I-guana see the F.D. in action!
      " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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        And to think that poor iguana was out looking for that other iguana it saw up there not ten minutes proir to all this commotion. Now it will never know if that was its perfect match.

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          slolightbar you said,

          "This IS NOT hicktown USA Volunteer FD"!

          Your absolutely right, as a former volunteer
          smoke-eater in hicktown USA, I can tell you that volunteer FD's will only respond to legitimate emergency calls.


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