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Peter Forsberg - sad, sad , sad


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  • Peter Forsberg - sad, sad , sad

    Most of you won't care but I'm a hockey fan (gee, no kidding, I wouldn't have guessed by your screen name). Peter Forsberg is my favorite player but he has the worst luck. The guy has to have his spleen removed last May after getting hit in a playoff game and as such doesn't get to play in the finals and hoist the Stanley cup with the rest of the team. He's just about to come back and now he has to have ankle surgery which will keep him out for four more months.

    For you non hockey fans Forsberg is arguably the best current all around player in hockey. Definitely top five.

    But in an attempt to keep this topic alive (for those of you who actually read this far) I'll ask a serious sports question.

    Does the regular season even matter in any pro sports besides football. MLB, NBA, and NHL all play so many games that individual games are pretty much meaningless.

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    That sucks. Your right about him. Forsberg is just downright awesome, and seems like he has a good head about him. I don't get to keep up on anything these days with work and the academy, just get bits and pieces. Even though I'm a Blackhawk fan, I love watching the Avs, especially Roy.
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      I am a huge hockey fan, and although everyone says the regular season doesn't mean anything, I've never seen it that way.

      To the fans that pay a ton of money to see them play and keep them where they are, I think professional teams should have to work just as hard in the regular season, each and every game, as they do during the play-offs. If I'm going to shell out $100 to see the Flyers, do you think I want to see Recci, Le Clair or Primeau doing a half-assed job?

      To me, it's a testament of what's to come in the play-offs when they give it their all. Flyers are showing it now. They're in first, they've proved to everyone that they don't need Lindros to carry the team, and they are looking great. They've made me smile, especially to see them knock the Rangers out of first! Yeah baby!

      And btw, Zamboni, it really is sad about Forsberg. Don't give up on him yet. Look at Lemieux. He went through a bout with cancer, and has been plagued with back problems. I know he's been out as of late with a hip injury (I think he comes back to play tonight), but when he did make his comeback, I was extremely impressed.

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        Originally posted by kateykakes:
        They've made me smile, especially to see them knock the Rangers out of first!
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          The Flyboyz played an awesome game today. Talk about sweet!

          Great day for Philadelphia fans. Flyers showed the Rangers who's boss, and the Eagles are putting TB in their place. Awww, the sweet smell of victory!

          Only thing that can complete the night would be for the Phantoms to beat the Bruins. (Not sure if the Sixers are playing, but I'm not a basketball fan so I don't care if they win or lose).

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            Well now he can relax in his huge house in Ornskoldsvik. That place is as big as a hockeyrink


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