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College, yes or no?


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  • College, yes or no?

    How many of you attended college and, if you did, did you find it worthwhile and would you do it again (if you had a chance to go back)?

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    I am not a LEO but I did graduate from colege with a BA in Elementary Education and Early Childhood. I've always been glad I went and, yes, I would do it again. Having college opens many doors to you.


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      I entered college waaay back in 1979. The first computer class I took had 93 students in it...and ONE Radio Shack TRS80 computer.

      I started out in Business Administration, switched to Graphic Arts, then Accounting, before FINALLY settling on Education. I have a B.S. in Early Childhood and Elementary Edu, with a secondary endorsement in Sicence, and a Masters in Administration/Supervision.

      Would I do it again? HAIL NO! I'd do what I should have done...joined the ARMY!
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        Yep, I went to a four year college and would do it again. In MN, you must have a college degree whether it be 2 or 4 year. If I would have just gone for the 2 year, I wouldn't have been old enough to be a cop yet anyways. And the 4 year will allow me to go back and get another degree in a shorter amount of time if the need ever arises.
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          I went to college on the GI Bill after enjoying a 3 year all-expense-paid tour of the world courtesy of the US Army. While in school, ROTC helped pay the freight for books, rent, and such. Graduated with a BA.

          Got my MS while working as a LEO.

          My department couldn't care less. When I signed on there was no educational pre-requisite for employment. A HS diploma is all that's needed right now.

          I'd do it again but I'd probably stay in the Army if I had it to do all over. Woulda stayed in the first time if they hadn't shut down my branch right after I graduated.

          I've always felt that my college degrees have made me most aware of just how dumb I really am.....a valuable and worthwhile insight that I've come to appreciate.


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            I attended college for 3 years or so. By that time, I was so bored with it, I was cutting classes and finally just quit. I did keep a decent GPA, though, just in case.

            I would like to go back, but can't seem to find the time, and it's been so long I would have to start all over.

            Our department requires High School plus 30 college hours, OR High School plus 2 years either Military or LE experience.

            I think it's a good thing overall, but with our payscale, it's hard to find and KEEP qualified applicants. Most are only staying a year or so, now.
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              I see college as a valueable experience, it helped me mature, and I learned a few things to boot.

              I would never discourage anyone from going, after all it does look good on a resume, but it is not the be all and end all to life that some people tend to make it out to be.

              My degree hasnt really done alot for me career wise YET, but it probably will sometime down the line, at least I hope so.


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                Additional education never hurt anybody. What it does more than anything is trains you how to think things through in more than one way, and how to apply knowledge and skills learned in one field to other situations. Yes, it broadens your mind!

                Whether or not it contributes to your well-being or your success in a chosen career, depends on what you need from a job to make you happy. Some "smart" people who don't go to college end up being "too smart" for the jobs for which they qualify. On the other hand, other people, regardless of intelligence, are happy working with their hands, working with machines, dealing with problems or people, etc.--jobs that don't necessarily require a college education. That's my two cents worth!


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                  I am completing my B.B.A now and after 16 years in LE it was probably the smartest move I could make. Afterwards, I plan on getting my Masters. My thinking on this topic does not revolve around whether my department appreciates my efforts, or that I make more money each month as part of some incentive program, but what opprotunities will come up later in life. I think the thing to focus on here is what will you do, or be qualified to do, after you're tired of police work. My vote is yes, college is worth it.

                  Just a note here. I also did my time in the Army (1st Ranger Bat.) and I loved every minute of it.


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                    Nope, chose the Army instead.


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                      I think Im on the 10 year program. Im going to graduate this semester with an A.S. after 7 years of working on it. At my agency you do not need a degree to advance. It's the street experience that moves you up. My office does however, send Sgt's and above to SPI.
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                        I took two semesters of Journalism and one of English.

                        I liked the writing part of Journalism: the marathons of pre-deadline fact-checking and heated typing were hard, and I was good at them. It was the "getting the stories" part that didn't appeal to me. It seemed stupid to grovel and scramble for a few pieces of information. Digging through trash cans and shouting questions at people is not my idea of fun.

                        English was fun to learn, but a degree in it wouldn't translate into any jobs I'd want. Starving thank you.

                        I'm enrolling in Nursing school tomorrow. The human body fascinates me (feel the warm blood pumping through your jugular? That is like a miracle to me) and I think I'll enjoy studying and fixing it.
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                          I'm enrolling in Nursing school tomorrow. The human body fascinates me (feel the warm blood pumping through your jugular? That is like a miracle to me) and I think I'll enjoy studying and fixing it.

                          The human mind's what fascinates me. It never fails to amaze me how people can rationalize the things they do to each other. Unforunately, the mind is not so easy to fix.....


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                            I have my B.A. in Legal Assistant Studies. While I am not currently using my degree on my job it has been helpful. And I would definitely do it over again. Those 4 years were the most fun I've ever had! I met so many interesting people that have changed my life in one way or another. I couldn't imagine ever giving that up.
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                              College seems to be necessary these days; alot of jobs that didnt require it before, do now.

                              I have an AAS Degree (2 yr) in Shared Logic/Word Processing. I think college is a good learning process as far as life is concerned. I dont think it means you're so much smarter if you have more college. You can have lots of book knowledge and no common sense.

                              I loved English and was a tutor in college; i would have majored in it (along with Lit), but i didnt want to teach and didnt know what other job i could have gotten. I dont think i could ever go back now...too much studying and homework. YUK.

                              I love to write and have 3 short stories submitted for publishing, havent heard back yet. But i write for enjoyment. College def helped me learn to express things better in writing.

                              [ 01-14-2002: Message edited by: jellybean40 ]
                              "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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