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What is the purpose of a gun?


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  • What is the purpose of a gun?

    Reading a reply in another thread... a person stated that guns are for one reason and one reason only....

    What is that?

    Try to limit your response to one reason.

    I am actually having a hard time coming up all an all inclusive reason. My first thought was preservation of life, but I can think of instances that I would use a weapon that I didn't necessarily didn't feel a life was in danger (save your disagreement on that for another thread)... you may feel otherwise and that is perfectly fine.

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    Life is what you make of it


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      My gun is a tool with which to shoot bad people in order to stop bad people. People who are about to kill me or, kill someone else.

      That's it. Nothing more.
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        Survival. Whether that be hunting for food, self defense, or war.


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          Originally posted by Hazardsys View Post
          Survival. Whether that be hunting for food, self defense, or war.
          Good post.

          I was curious to see how many people equate gun to killing people and that's it. I must admit that it was my first thought also.


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            As a civilian I believe a guns only purposes is to save my life or a life of another and home defense
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              Originally posted by thecountrylife View Post
              As a civilian I believe a guns only purposes is to save my life or a life of another and home defense
              No huntin'?


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                Originally posted by blargh
                Well, you use the gun to achieve those things by killing. Besides, how would you classify the Nazis' use of guns in WW2? Defense? Survival? I suppose hunting would be correct in a slightly abstract sense... What about a mugger? Or an enraged husband?

                Guns have a purpose, that's to kill, Why a person is killing is another question altogether.
                Well, just a little advice since I see you're a law student that wants to become a LEO....

                Never say you're shooting someone in hopes of killing them. You'll be crucified.

                Let's use your scenario... an armed mugger attempts to rob you... you're able to shoot the attacker... he hits the ground.. weapon no longer in hand... he's still alive... do you keep shooting? After all, you haven't killed him yet.

                See what Trooper said.... that's how you better word it if you're explaining yourself...


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                  Guns were made to kill...................lets not be afraid to say it, its reality. Yeah, hunting, self defense, etc, but all those things strive for one goal, to KILL something. Its the liberal media that has twisted this and repeated it over and over to scare the weak into taking up there ideals. But its true, don't be offended by it, its why we all kill what is trying to kill us or someone else. I don't carry a gun so I can use it to spread butter. Don't let the liberal media warp your way of thinking.

                  I do like to throw a few down range though but that is not why I own one.
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                    A gun is a tool. Much as a hammer is a tool.

                    I may primarily have my hammer in case I have a nail that needs to go in. BUT its also for getting a nail out. And if I buy the correct hammer, I could put down lining, remove solidified grout, etc, etc.

                    A firearm is a tool. I have a firearm that I carry whose primary purpose is the defense of myself and my wife if she is with me.

                    I have a firearm in the form of a bolt action rifle which I use for precision target shooting and despite its weight, its a great elk gun as well if I anticipate spending most of my time in a blind.

                    I have a firearm in the form of a winchester model '92 chambered in .25-20 which I do not actively use. its primary purpose is to preserve the firearms heritage of my family. I am the fourth generation who has recieved that firearm, passed father to son, and it still shoots true.

                    I have a firearm whose primary purpose is IPSC sport competition. It has remained production class eligible with the only modification being a different set of sights and some small modifications to the trigger and sear for smoother operation.

                    Defense. Target (sport). Heritage. Competition (sport). My guns are many things. I hesitate to try and say that my firearms are exclusively to kill. That may be the effective ultimate ability that the tool possesses but that is not the only capability for that tool's safe use and does NOT have to be the way I choose to use certain ones I possess.
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                      Decorative, it looks nice on my uniform….
                      Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.


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                        A gun is not meant for anything, it is simply a tool. You could ask a million people and get a million different responses. A gun is simply a tool to make a particular job easier. Whether it be protection, defense, food or fun.
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                        Originally posted by JasperST
                        I'm thinking a battalion of menstruating bearded women could kick some serious booty!


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                          Originally posted by Magic Matt View Post
                          Decorative, it looks nice on my uniform….
                          Figures you'd carry one of those "nickel plated sissy pistols"


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                            Originally posted by jannino View Post
                            Figures you'd carry one of those "nickel plated sissy pistols"
                            No just an ugly Glock .40, but ugly sometimes looks good (with weapons that is).
                            Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.


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                              Originally posted by blargh
                              Why? Should say I was really only trying to wound them by firing a super-sonic hunk of metal into them? If I'm an officer and I shoot someone, I will say it was to kill, because the only time I'd be justified in firing is in a situation that warranted killing.
                              I'm not doing the "if I'm an officer" thing.. it applies to anyone. You're wrong. I've seen your posts and there is no winning with you.

                              Debating articulation of the use of a firearm is another debate.

                              Stating the purpose of a gun to kill is a perfectly acceptable reason... articulating it that way after the fact is not.

                              Or are you trying to say that a gun can be useful because you can use it to control people? If that's the case, why does it control people? Because it kills things, really fast, and the threat of it compels people to follow your commands.
                              not saying that at all... but if the threat of violence is all that's required to stop the threat then so be it... that application in a non LE capacity would be very very limited


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