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retired police funeral question


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  • retired police funeral question

    Please help out here.. I have been chasing my tail contacting the local retired patrolmens assoc. but cannot get an answer.
    Is is considered an offense or "tacky" to bury (wake also) a retired cop in his old uniform?
    I am very proud of my fathers chosen occupation and can think of no better way to close his life than to dress him in everything he ever was and always believed in. My husband and the funeral director are thinking I am off my nut but I thought I would come here and ask.
    So, is it ok to wake/bury him in his uniform and do I use his regular one or the dress one? I realize I could request he be dressed in anything but I dont want to offend/embarras the active and retired guys that will be attending or my dads memory.
    Any response would be appreciated more than you could know.

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    Did he have any final wishes or it is something you want to do? If it was his wish I would do it with out a doubt. You know your father better than any of us . I think if that's what he would have wanted I would do it. I can't see any active or retired officer taking offense to it. I am a policeman not a civilian and I sure wouldn't. Call his Department if bothers you or the FOP if it makes you feel better. Good Luck and sorry for your loss he will be in my prayers. If he wore that uniform long enough to retire. I don't think any officer would think of denying him the right to bury him in it.
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      I agree that if he wore that uniform long enough to retire from the force he has more than earned the right to wear it into his final resting place. Like the above post I would check and see if he had a wish to be wearing something special in his final rest but other than that I say let the uniform be worn. Sorry for your loss.

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        Sorry for your loss. Keep in mind once a cop always a cop. Bury your dad in his uniform.
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          My condolances on your loss. Your statement "...than to dress him in everything he ever was and always believed in." captures it. Sounds like your dad was a cop's cop.

          It would not in any way offend or embarrass any retired or active cop. If you think he would want to be buried in his uniform then do it. Typically when officers are buried in uniform it is a dress uniform. If there's no dress uniform then long sleeve uniform shirt with a tie would be fine.
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            I'm very sorry about your loss.

            I agree with everyone else. He worked many years in it, he retired in it, and now that he has passed, he should be buried in it. As an active LEO I would not be offended by seeing your father buried in uniform.

            I kind of see it as one last chance to show just how proud you are of your father and the life he lived. My piece of advice, bury him in his uniform, and to hell with everyone else.

            As far as whether it should be a Class A uniform or a Class B uniform, I would say a Class A uniform, but if he prefered his Class B uniform, then go with that.


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              Very sorry for your loss

              As far as burying your father in his uniform: it's done with retired Military all the time.

              My father was buried in his Air Force Class A uniform 23 years after he retired.

              It seems to me to be the right thing to do, especially if that's what he wanted.
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