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  • Superbowl picks

    Okay, get your superbowl picks in quick before the first round of playoffs begins on Saturday.

    What I would like to see:
    Chicago Bears (favorite team) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers.

    St. Louis Rams vs. Pittsburgh Steelers.

    What do you think?
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    I'll let you know once I see the teams all line up from the back!

    Seriously, I would like to see the Chicago Bears win!


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      Let's see here: Make quick trip to websites to see who has the best cheerleaders.

      I think it will be this:

      Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Chicago Bears or San Francisco 49ers
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        Steelers and the 49'ers. Only because my husband wants to throw one hell of a kegger. (In his words)
        "To each his own"


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          Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers.
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            I would like to see Miami vs Tampa. Miami is my favorite team and Tony Dungy will get fired for anything less than the Superbowl.

            Reality - I'm still sticking with the picks I made months ago on this forum. St. Louis vs Pittsburgh with St. Louis winning in a blowout.

            Here's my thoughts on the teams in the playoffs -

            Miami - One week away from their regular second round blowout. They will squeak by the Ravens with under on the game being about 25 points.

            Baltimore - You only scored 19 points against Minnesotas pathetic defense. Anyone interested in a trade for a QB named Elvis.

            New England - Tom Brady - rookie (essentially) quarterback. Nuff said. Plus they have to play Pittsburgh eventually.

            Oakland - Age has caught up to them. They really needed that bye week.

            Jets - Yeah right, Vinnie there are fifteen seconds left. You have no timeouts. You must pass to the sidelines. Whatever you do don't throw over the middle. DOH!!!!!!!

            Pittsburgh - A good team in a pathetic AFC.

            St. Louis - unless Warner gets hurt or they do another eight turnover game nothing will stop them.

            Chicago - better than average team that benefitted mightily from a last place schedule.

            Philadelphia - Donavon can't do everything now that they are playing quality opponents.

            Green Bay - If they had to play St. Louis in Lambeau field I would pick them for the superbowl but no way can they beat the greatest show on turf at home.

            Tampa Bay - Dungy is a good coach but he needs to remove himself from any input on the offense. Former allstar QB, former allstar WR, former allstar RB's, four different offensive coordinators - Tony the pathetic offense is your fault.

            San Francisco - Not enough balance. Its the Jeff Garcia - Terrell Owens show. Stop one or the other and you can beat them like St. Louis did a while back.


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              I think the Dutchboy team has a good shot if they play the sherman williams.
              I have been trying hard to get superbowl saturday off. I think I stand a good chance to get it.

              I think I'll watch paint dry.
              Just waiting for NASCAR to start backup.

              OK! OK! if I have to pick a team
              ST. LOUIS

              [ 01-12-2002: Message edited by: king310 ]
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                Greenbay and the Steelers
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                  St Louis vs. Who Cares?

                  Does anyone else realize how great this team is?
                  Kurt Warner(second best stats in NFL HISTORY)
                  Marshall Faulk (4 seasons of 2000+ yards!!)
                  Isaac Bruce (May be the fastest WR in NFL)
                  Torry Holt (Faster than Bruce!!)
                  Defense that is in the top 2 or 3 this year with guys like Aeneas Williams and London Fletcher and Grant Wistrom...
                  Should I go on?

                  Remember, If you aint the lead dog, the scenery NEVER changes!


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