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New Virus, I had it!


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  • New Virus, I had it!

    I just received an e-mail that said I might have a virus that is spread from address book to address book. It is undetectable by Norton or McAfee.

    It remains dormant for about 24 days and then activates and wipes ou the hard drive data. When I checked my hard drive, I did find the virus and successfully deleted it.

    Since I have you in my address book, I want to make sure you have the "heads up" in case you, too, picked it up.

    The directions for removing the virus are as follows:

    1. Go to "start" button and left click - then go to "find" or "search" (depending on your computer) and left click.

    2. In the "search for files or folders" type in sulfnbk.exe - this is the virus.

    3. In the "look in" make sure you are searching for Drive C.

    4. Left click on the "search" button (or find).

    5. If this file shows up (it's an ugly blackish icon that will have the name "sulfnbk.exe") - DO NOT OPEN THIS FILE!

    6. Right click on the file - go down to delete and left click.

    7. It will ask you if you want to send it to the recycle bin, say click Yes.

    8. Go to your desktop (where all your icons are) and double click on the recycle bin.

    9. Right click on sulfnbk.exe and delete again - or empty the bin.

    If you find it, send this e-mail to all in your address book, because that's how it's transferred.

    Hopefully you won't find it or at least will have found it in time to avoid any problems with your hard drive.

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    This is a hoax.

    See here

    Click here for Symantec's response
    "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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      Yeah, no doubt a Hoax. That file is one that maintains your windows program. Don't delete that file, you actually need it. However, if you have already deleted it, the above link can restore it back onto your hard drive.


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        Not to say that Ray was trying to spread the hoax, but he was hoaxed.

        Below is a link to MS with a description of what that file does in Windows.

        web page

        Please read symantecs article regarding this Hoax, the file in question, and where it should be located in Windows.
        "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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          Thanks, feel kinda DUMB!!!!!!


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            It's live and learn on the Internet, Ray. You did nothing wrong. But, if you delete that file, you could cause many problems on your computer. When someone tells you about a virus, it's best to ask around about it first.


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              Originally posted by Ray:
              Thanks, feel kinda DUMB!!!!!!
              BTDT myself, Ray. I learned pretty quickly to check Symantec's website and, on occasion, Microsoft support BEFORE deleting any files.

              Live and learn.
              Optimistic pessimist: Hope for the best, but expect the worst.


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                I've received a bunch of those hoaxes too. Every time I get a new one and ask my brother (who is a computer programmer) if I have anything to worry about, he yells at me. I've finally gotten the point. Some strange body sent me a .exe file recently though. That went right in the trash.


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                  Before I "got the message" I received two different viruses and had to reformat my HDD twice.

                  I got the message and installed a firewall and I update my anti-virus weekly.

                  Everyone I know understands that I trash emails with attachments unless I expect it. I also trash forwards. If the mail is so great I must see it then folks know to copy it and paste it into a new email.

                  If an attachment is so great I just have to see it then they must send me a seperate email advising of the attachment. I still scan it before opening it.

                  Sounds harsh, but in each instance where I had to reformat I lost about two days work.

                  No more for me. My not-too-bright sister opened one she received last summer. The English was awful and the body of the email just wasn't "right". Well she opened it anyway and got screwed. Of course it replicated itself and forwarded itself to everyone in her address book, including me. I trashed it right away and wasn't infected, but she had to reformat.

                  Be careful.
                  "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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                    I had to reformat once. My brother opened a file from someone he didn't know and after that no matter what you typed all that came out was "I AM SO F#%#ING GAY"...over and over and over again. After beating my brother severely about the head I called McAfee who basically told me they had no way of rooting out the virus and I was screwed. So I reformatted and all was good...but it still sucked b/c I had already had my computer for over a year!
                    This post has been rated PG-13 for your viewing pleasure.


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                      I am happy to know that the computer I post from is from work and it has a very active virus scan. The company has a active account on mcfee and norton so that they are always being updated to any known virus that is out there. I think I am pretty safe from a virus as I am real paticular as to what I open in my e-mail files. IF I do not know you do not plan to have me open a e-mail from you LOL.

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                        Ray don't feel dumb when it comes to computers I've been really dumb and you were just letting everyone know of a potential threat. Glad everyone helped you out.
                        Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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                          As so as I read Ray's message,I searched and found it. Luckily I saw the installation date was prior to my purchasing date. I then read the rest of the thread...I came this close to deleting it
                          "The streets of Philadelphia are's the people that make them unsafe"---Frank Rizzo


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                            While on this subject, how often and on what media do you backup?

                            I backup daily onto a CD-RW using an incrimental backup. I just back up what has changed since the last BU. I then carry this BU with me when I leave the house.

                            Even if my house burns down (the sound you hear is me knocking on wood), I can get to a PC and do a restore and work.

                            PS LBomb, That file is not required to run Windows, it offers support for repair of long file names, and can easily be reloaded on the PC.
                            "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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                              I back up before and after every sneeze....on zipdisk and also uploaded to my spare web space. I never used to, but then my good old hard drive kicked the bucket after three years of dedicated service and I lost a bunch of work on my last chapter, etc, which is devastating to a writer. So now it's after every sneeze.

                              And, yeah, if the house burns down (bad word, but we did have eleven firemen here the other day, shudder), I will be fine, file wise.


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