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Saturday, May 10th...


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    May 16th is our 21st wedding anniversary. It hasn't been easy, what with me being a hard-headed, stubborn IDIOT most of the time. I'm amazed my wife's put up with me for so long. However, together, we've gotten a beautiful, intelligent daughter out of it...along with a lot of memories. Time, indeed, does fly......

    One thing I wish we'd done that nobody thought of: VIDEO TAPE the wedding!

    Good luck in the next phase of your life!
    "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
    -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division


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      Great advise so far the only thing I can add is: When you do get into an argument always get the last words in: YES DEAR!!

      Congratulations Sir!!
      Walk slow, Talk low, and Don't say Too Much.


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        Well my friend, I'm not going to attempt to give you any advice. With my record I'd darned well BETTER NOT! (Though I do think # 3 & I will be together for the rest of our lives now!)

        Anyway, just a request here. Email me some of your wedding photos?

        Thanks & God Bless
        6P1 (retired)


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          WOOHOO!!!!! It's the big day, Godside.

          Wife and I are coming up on our 13th soon, and I've never looked back.

          Congrats and God bless.
          Dave Kiefner
          [i]Die Wahrheit ist eine Perle. Werfen sie nicht vor die S


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            O.K. Godside. Today's the day. One last piece of advice from me.

            We better not hear from you for the next two weeks.

            You need to be focused on your wife now, and not us BB junkies.

            His Love, Grace and Peace to you both.


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              This coming year I will have been married to my queen for 30 years. Of course, I abdicated all power to her many years ago.

              Congrats man.


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                Da da da da...da da da da....da da da da da da da da da....

                He must be hitched by now! Congratulations!!
                "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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                  I would venture to say that Godside's Saturday night is gonna be a whole lot more exciting than mine.


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                    WHY....THAT DANG IN-GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                    He hasn't posted...he hasn't written...he ain't called...

                    What is he a Texas democratic representitive????????

                    Guess we can call the Texas authorities and list him as a missing person...

                    Yooooooo-hoooo.... Godsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide....we're anxious to hear how it went (???????)
                    People have more fun than anybody.


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                      Ok, Ok...

                      My WIFE and I are back from the wedding/honeymoon now. With everything "over," (in my opinion, a honeymoon is not over until you say it is) we are exhausted but full of memories. My wife and I got married in the Dallas area and the ceremony was perfect. Its too bad too, I would have loved to cash in on someone's filmed mishaps, even my own! She was so beautiful and so was the ceremony. With the stress of the wedding itself, our heads were everywhere...including the clouds, specifically, the 9th cloud.

                      The wedding night was a one-night stay at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas. We had a package deal that I booked 1 year in advance!!!. The package included a bottle of champagne and chocolates at sunset, dinner at the Reunion Tower (5 course meal and a bottle of wine), and breakfast in bed. The staff was excellent and far exceeded any standards we could have. If you ever are in the Dallas area for a special event, spend it there, it is worth it!

                      The rest of the honeymoon was a 4-Day Cruise to the Bahamas. CoCo Cay was a private island and it was simply breathtaking. In fact, it was there that we were able to snorkel with exotic wildlife (and I don't mean children), parasail, and sunbathe. It was great and well worth the trip getting there. We also went to Nassau and although it was disappointing on how urbanized it was, it was an experience nonetheless.

                      Most importantly, my wife and I got to know each other much more and be involved in things we had never done before. We spent some time together reading and praying...Now that we're home, it will be spent catching up and organizing all of our the way...What did YOU ALL get us...just kidding


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                        Congratulations; marriage is one of the best things that has happened in my life. The second is the birth of my child. I never knew I could be so happy.
                        My advice to you is:
                        Don't try to change your spouse. you have known her for a good amount of time, but only as a significant other. Saying, "I do" changes that a bit. If she does things that bug you, dont nag! She will eventually learn your likes and dislikes.
                        Dont leave wet towels on the bed or other furniture, especially not on the floor. Dont leave dirty socks and underwear on the floor....put them in the hamper. As newlyweds, we pulled a "lets see who picks them up first"game...and they piled up. I am a stubborn mule married to an equally stubborn we compromise and gently remind one another about our pet peeves.
                        Don't use "You always" in a sentence when having a disagreement or even casual conversation, unless it ends with something sweet. Such as, " You always know how to make me feel nice." NOT "You always make a big deal out of everything...blah..blah..blah." In short, dont accuse even if it is obvious she is wrong. Be civil and start the snetence with, "I feel.....or "perhaps it would be best....
                        I know it is not very realistic when you are upset, but starting a disagreement with some thought process usually ends up a bit nicer than coming out kicking and screaming; someone always gets their feelings hurt. That is something I use every now and then, "You know, that hurt my feelings....." It always works better than me screaming like a banshee accusing him of nonsense.
                        I am married to a good guy with flaws like we all have....we have learned to rationally deal with one anothers flaws and help each other better ourselves rather try to change each other.
                        Oh...and money.....that can ruin a relationship if you dont talk about it early on. Decide who pays the bills, how much can be spend every month and how much will be spent on gifts to each others family members. (Family: another thing..decide how holidays will be spent early on) We dont have fights bout money because I am fortunate enough to have a mom who is real good about saving and spending what she has to. When and if you get a bonus, tell her and decide what you will do with the money together. Set a budget and stick to it; always have emergency money saved always comes in handy and prevents stress on your relationship in the long run.
                        Sorry, this is so long, I am not Dr. Phil or anything, but I love being married and it helps that he is my best friend and I can always count on him...vice versa.
                        Good luck and enjoy this beautiful, lifelong adventure you have started with the love of your life. You will experience so much. Oh yeah....wait at last a year before you have a baby.....get to know her....if there is a pregnancy and a baby too soon, you wont have time. Enjoy your Mr. and Mrs. time.
                        "You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas."
                        Davy Crockett


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                          I've been wondering how everything went. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Let's hope the next 60 are just as great! Best of luck to you!


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                            Bumped to the top for CIAJ (who just woke up)...

                            Needless to say, the marriage is still going great but we're lacking a little on the greenbacks.

                            Where there is a will...there is usually some type of money involved.


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                              Godside, all I have is this to say:

                              Love: A Rememberance Of

                              Love, a tiny spark that ignites
                              when first your eyes embrace
                              sometimes lies and smolders
                              flaring up suddenly into a
                              storm of undefined feelings.

                              Shyness, delight, sudden yearnings
                              all part of fragile first love.

                              An ever bubbling fountain, the heart
                              from which it's love flows eternal.
                              Ceaselessly beating, joyously repeating
                              love phrases that never grow old.

                              Eyes dim and hearing fades
                              once stalwart bodies grow frail,
                              still, echoes of love rebound
                              stirring memeories ever new.

                              Love does not die,
                              it remains in the minds and hearts
                              in the essence of youth eternal.
                              Remembrances of days gone by
                              and dreams of future glory.

                              I wish you and your wife the best, Godside.


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                                Originally posted by Godside:

                                Needless to say, the marriage is still going great but we're lacking a little on the greenbacks.

                                you're hot...i'm sure it will all work out [Wink]
                                "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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