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TV or Media Quotes/Cliches....add yours


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  • TV or Media Quotes/Cliches....add yours

    We've all heard recurring quotes and cliches in the media.

    Whenever you read about a murdered gang member in the paper, he:

    "...was just starting to turn his life around"
    "...was an aspiring Rapper"
    "...loved his kids"
    "...wasn't an angel but he wasn't in no gang or nothing"

    Interviews with pro athletes:

    "...we just have to play one game at a time"
    "...we need to stay healthy"

    Police shooting stories:

    "..the Officer,who is white..."
    "...the cop shot him for no reason"
    "...this is the #th police shooting this year"

    There's a ton more, lets hear yours...

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    News stories about off-the-wall rappers:
    "The victim, whose name was not released because of her age..."
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      Originally posted by BRICKCOP:
      Whenever you read about a murdered gang member in the paper, he:
      "...was no longer a gang-banger, he retired."
      {I always wondered what kind of benefits they get.}

      "...was not a gang-banger, but had many 'associates' (or friends, family, etc) who were."

      Police shooting stories:
      "...the VICTIM of the police shooting died this morning."

      "Why couldn't they just have shot the gun out of his hand (or in the leg, arm, etc.) instead of killing him?"
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        "Armed police, wearing bullet proof vests came on scene..."



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          With athletes:

          "I'd just like to thank God for this victory" (I'm sure He doesn't mind that you're under indictment and half your substance abusing teammates are felons )

          When a murder happens:

          "Neighbors described him a quiet, but polite"


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            "Who'd have thought this could happen in our neighborhood?"

            "He wasn't gonna shoot anybody with it."

            "I can't believe they shot him, all he had was a knife."


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                Used to describe every serial killer, by his neighbors:

                "He was a shy, quiet man. Pretty much kept to himself."

                Of course he kept to himself -- he had bodies in the basement! You think he's going to invite you over for a barbecue?
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                  "Armed gunman" Is there any other kind?
                  "Gunshow loophole" WTF?
                  "Accidental discharge" Wreckless/Negligent
                  "Undocumented worker" Illegal alien
                  Bill R


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                    Have heard these a few times.......

                    "Semi-automatic revolver" Huh???

                    "Help to prevent terrorism..." How come every single thing we do now has to be presented as an attempt to "prevent terrorism"????
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                      When there are dozens of witnesses and undisputed evidence that someone has done something and they say "alledgedly" or "acused".
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                        We run a lidar detail on the freeway with the slowest speed being called out for a stop being 80mph in a 60mph zone.

                        Media sends helicopter and calls it an "abusive speed trap".


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                          lol @ kirch
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                            All of this is from FOX on the most mundane bullschidt:

                            And now, LIVE from our newsroom! No schidt, it'd be kind of bad if the newscaster was DEAD in the newsroom!

                            Stay tuned for this AMAZING story.

                            This next story is JUST INCREDIBLE.
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