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Marketing Nutritonal products with Multi level programs


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  • Marketing Nutritonal products with Multi level programs

    Anyone ever do this? Sucsessfully?

    I am asking because one of my girl friends classmates are trying to get us to sell USANA products in a multi level marketing system.

    I once tried doing that with Herbalife, and eventually gave up for various reasons.

    I was wondering if any of you have done this or thought of doing this, and why.

    Was it sucsessful? or too much of a pain in the behind to continue with?

    Let's hear your stories.

    Royal "The Vitamin Man" Dragon
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    Well, if it was me, I would RUN (not walk) in the other direction. Way too much of this multi level marketing stuff is designed to make money for the higher ups on the chain, but eventually the little guy (the newcomer) is left holding the bag.

    The Federal Trade Commission has put several of these out of business. I would not EVEN consider this for a minute. It may be a legitimate business, but the odds are GREATLY against it.

    Oh one more thing, if it is out of Texas or Utah, be PARTICULARLY WARY of it!

    (edit) Yes, I DID get burned on an MLM not too long after I retired from LE. I also looked at a vitamin/supplemental thing and (thankfully) decided against it.

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      Never done it but promise after you buy the product you'll get burnt. Pull up Amway on the internet and listen to some of the horror stories. Why would I buy your product made by whomever when I can walk into any Wall Mart and buy a Brand Name at a lower price and know the Company that manufactures it. I admit one in a million might get rich. If you think you that one it's great. It's like these guys on tv buying houses with no money down. Along with being an LEO. I have been a Real Estate Broker over thirty years. That's the way you eat down here on our salaries. Sure I can do it. But writing you a book and some tapes like these guys do and you being successfull is a million to one shot. It's very easy, but takes knowdledge of real estate, negoiating, and experience. I didn't learn it from any tapes however. Knowledge. The hard way.
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        I used to do the "No Money Down" thing. I was a "Runner" for one of those guys. He would find Foreclosure homes still in "Pre" forclosure, and talk the owners into seling him the home for 50% of it's value. Then, he'd get them to Quit claim the property and put it in his own name, refinance it and pay off the bank, walking away with $15,000 in his pocket at the close. $5,000 went to me for setting up and finding the deal. He had about 10 or 12 of us running for him, and we were often on competiton for the same propertys. Either way, he would have a deal from one of us once or twice a month. WE on the other hand often went 2-3 months with no deals as we were independantly searching all by our selves.

        If I had access to the priviate $$ like he did, I would do it myself as the guy on top of the system made out with minimal work, wile the runners under him sweat it out regularly.

        He got started by borrowing $$ from a Rich Daddy when he was in college, and soon learned it was better to make others pound on 10-15 doors a day and give them a commision to do it, than actually do the work himself. later, he decided if he had 12 "runners" and each one brought him a deal each year, he'd make $120,000 for basically nothing but closing the deals, PLUS he often sold the propertys when the original owners went behind on the rent (He rented the properties back to them), and would often make another$25-$30,000 on the deals.

        It's a great way to make a living, "IF" you have the $$ to start with.

        I stopped after going 4 months with no deals. I ran out of money to live off of, and got a job. Once THAT happened, I never had the time to persue it enough to live off of it reliably.

        I now trade Futures. I have a small account, but I'm good at it, and I can eventually see myself fully supporting my family that way.
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