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Hate Crime Legislation is anti-Constitutional and racist!


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  • Hate Crime Legislation is anti-Constitutional and racist!

    The Hate Crimes Legislation that Ted "Murderer" Kennedy, that no good Tom Daschle and also Wellstone is a joke.

    What a time to bring forth such legislation, during a time of the war on terror and where this nation is vulnerable.

    I have no other choice but to say what I have known all along, Ted Kennedy, Tom Daschle and Wellstone all hate America and are upset because they haven't completely destroyed it yet. They are nothing but communist sell outs who should be tried for high treason, yes, I did say high treason.

    How is that so? Well, with this hate crime legislation, it will make profiling really illegal. SO that means, the people most likely to commit a terrorist act just have to scream HATE CRIME and they are off the hook. So, in my eyes, with legislation like this, Kennedy, Wellstone and Daschle are aiding a foreign enemy of this great country, which is TREASON!!

    This so called legislation is also a violation of the equal protection clause because it makes some people more equal than others.

    What ever happened to a crime is a crime PERIOD, no matter what your background is.

    Ted Kennedy is a fat drunken rapist murderer, and a treasonist, he should be in a jail cell, not a Senators office. Daschle is a hypocritical treasonist to the core, he cries partisanship when things don't go his way, but he is the most partisan of anyone.

    Get ahold of your congress criters and say NO TO the Hate Crime Legislation.

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    Hello and thanks for posting. I am going to move this to the Civil Rights forum
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