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Racist Dogs???


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  • Racist Dogs???

    Apparently, you LEOs are not the only racial profilers out there...now your dogs are too!!

    McKEES ROCKS, Pa. — A Pennsylvania councilwoman has accused her borough's lone police dog of racial profiling, leading to calls that the canine be killed.

    Dolpho, a 5-year-old German shepherd, can sniff out the difference between marijuana, heroin and cocaine. The dog came from Europe two years ago and is trained in drug detection and patrol.

    But councilwoman Wanda Jones Dixon said Dolpho can also tell the difference between blacks and whites, and should be put to sleep.

    On Friday, while K-9 officer Schawn Barger wrestled with a drug suspect, he said a quick-release button on his belt was activated, accidentally opening a door to the K-9 wagon.

    The dog lunged from the vehicle and bit a 9-year-old boy on the leg instead of the suspect, dragging him for about 20 feet, family members said. The boy is black.

    Councilwoman Dixon told the city council she has received six complaints about Dolpho in the past year. Three involved people involved with drugs, who complained about attacks. Three others were blacks who believe the dog jumped at or attacked them because of their race.

    "I had received complaints from African-Americans saying they believe the dog only attacks African-Americans," councilwoman Dixon said Monday. "I think the dog makes the distinction."

    Barger, who has worked with Dolpho for more than two years and takes the dog home with him at night, said the dog has never gone after the wrong person before. He said Dolpho became confused during a tense situation.

    "The dog saw movement. There was a lot of noise — a lot of screaming," Barger said. "It was basically just complete chaos and the dog, he just could not tell who the bad guy was and who the good people were."

    The boy was treated for a dog bite and released Friday. He limped into the council meeting Monday with his mother.

    "This is something that will take him a while to get over," Livingston said. "The officer had no control over that animal. That dog should be put to sleep."

    Experts differ on whether dogs can discern race.

    The owner of the Tom Brenneman School for Canines near Lawrence, Kan., has trained more than 600 dogs for police departments nationwide. He said dogs determine targets by scent alone and see only gray and white.

    Tom Brenneman said the dogs can be trained to recognize the scent of drugs, explosives and also that dogs can smell fear.

    "As far as it being black or white or Hispanic, that doesn't have anything to do with it," he said.

    A national expert on animal behavior at Tuft's University School of Veterinary Medicine said dogs not only can determine race, but can develop prejudices similar to humans. Dr. Nick Dodman said that prejudice can be based on a lack of exposure to different people or because of a bad experience.

    Dolpho has since been taken off active duty, but the department is standing behind him.

    Chief Robert Martineau said the dog is good around children and even visits area schools and day care centers.

    "To say the dog is racial ... that's ludicrous. That doesn't make sense," Martineau said.

    No decision was made on Dolpho's future Monday.

    Maybe the dog needs some more and better training because it went after the wrong person and you feel bad for the little kid, but put it too sleep on nothing more than this suspicion?

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    Bite a black guy and be put to sleep. Great idea.

    Better idea would be to put this council person to sleep.

    [ 06-11-2002: Message edited by: MikeTx ]


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      But councilwoman Wanda Jones Dixon said Dolpho can also tell the difference between blacks and whites, and should be put to sleep.
      Heck....so can I!
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        [b]"This is something that will take him a while to get over," Livingston said. "The officer had no control over that animal. That dog should be put to sleep."

        I'm sure it will take the child some time to get over the situation. It's too bad, but excrement occurs. I'm sure the city will pay the doctor bill, and probably a lot more besides.

        Hell no the officer had no control over the dog while he was in the middle of a free for all. No schidt sherlock.

        I agree with Mike, lets put the council person to sleep instead of the dog.
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          Anyone care to guess the race of the councilwoman?

          And before any of you liberals start using insults and attacks on me consider this; if the doq bit a white kid and had a black handler would anyone be considering killing the dog for racism?
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            What really blows my mind is that this animal "expert", a learned, intelligent man-no doubt a doctor or professor of some sort. A man who, by his position, must surely have completed a course of study several years long in either veterinary medicine/science, and/or canine behavioral science or equivalent, has the gall to come out and say that animals (dogs, specifically) can develope PREJUDICES?!?!?!?!?
            My, this gets better and better all the time. Next, we shall be made to believe that nature, physics, perhaps even God, are ALL prejudiced. No wonder so many feel oppressed, I mean, it must be horrible to have all of the cosmos bent on a singular expression of biased behavior---and against one particular race, at that.

            I can't believe what I read anymore. It's just so ridiculous.

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              What a bunch of idiots.

              Half of the complaints were druggies that got caught. The other half are probably scared of dogs.

              I have seen dogs raised by whites that dont like blacks.

              I have also seen dogs raised by blacks that dont like whites.

              Ive heard tales of meter readers both black and white tell basically the same stories of dogs that tried to eat them when they were in somebody elses backyard reading the meter. Its an occupational hazard.

              There are no "racist" dogs. A dog raised in a white neighborhood will naturally be suspicious of black people and vice versa.Its nothing new,its been happening for hundreds of years. They are no different than the scout dogs in Vietnam trained to smell the VC or WW2 dogs trained to smell out Germans or Japs.

              According to Wanda "the animal physcologist" and police dog "expert", now any dog that can figure out black or white ought to be killed. She ought to be fired for stupidity. She aint fit to rule on a council.
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                What a load of bovie excrement!!!!!!

                ""I had received complaints from African-Americans saying they believe the dog only attacks African-Americans," councilwoman Dixon said Monday."

                Now that should be really damn easy to either prove or disprove. What is her source? High-top and Willie on the corner or did she get off her high horse and actually look at the use of force reports before opening he mouth?


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                  dogs color blind by nature? yet they can discriminate based on race thats funny


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                    Better idea would be to put this council person to sleep.
                    I second that!

                    What a crock!


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                      I think that is a load of **** also. As mentioned before, three regular joes got scared by the dog and think it's racist. Are all three of them dog experts? Besides, that's three complaints out of how many times the dog was used? There is a reason most, if not all, K-9 units are marked with warning signs. Stay away means stay away. If your cousin Beavis is being chased by the cops through your neighborhood, don't go out and watch, because you might get hurt. Similarly, if you see the cops wrestling on the ground with some scumbag, get your kids inside quick, because you never know when the situation could go sideways, as it did here. The story didn't mention how close the kid was to the action, but he must have been relatively close to it. I can't imagine the dog running past or in the opposite direction of where his officer was at. Furthermore, this council member is basically advocating the destruction of life over a simple mistake? What is she going to come up with when an officer gets a complaint? I've been told that it costs upward of $10,000 - $20,000 to purchase and train the dog, train the officer, and equip the police car. It's probably much more with all the liability, ongoing training, and reimbursement costs to the officer. And she wants to throw all that money away? I know if I were a citizen in her city, I'd be leading the way for a recall. Just my 2 cents...
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                        Crack head, I'm guessing your mother didn't love you, did she?

                        [ 06-12-2002: Message edited by: SpecOpsWarrior ]


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                          *sniff, sniff* Does anyone else smell what I smell? Check his previous posts. I think Jim Burnes and MikeTX are right.
                          A closed mouth gathers no foot. --Unknown


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                            I smelled it before his first post. He has the rope, what he decides to do with it is up to him.


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                              As someone who's done quite a bit of training and ride alongs with K-9 units from about 35 different Dept.'s in 2 states, I can feel certain when I say this is CRAP!

                              But, there are SOOOOOOO many points in this article that I could b!tch about, I will just save y'all's time and not go at it.
                              Nobody ever wants to have to fight, but its a darn good idea for someone to know how.


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