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  • Elizabeth Smart....

    6 days now and no word...no ransom demands...no body...NADA. Considering her age and looks, WHY am I thinking 'Middle Eastern/South American white slave trade'?

    Yet ANOTHER reason for keeping LARGE dogs in your house.
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    What a terrifying situation! We only are getting the "highlights" of information here on this.

    BUT last night, FOX news out of Phoenix had a "teaser" before a break that was something to the effect that her father was now a suspect. Then when they got to the "story" all they said was that he had taken a polygraph at request of the FBI. Not at all unusual. DAMN NEWSCASTERS! Don't these folks have enough problems without this crap!
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      I must say, i always suspect the parents/family, i am bad like that.

      In the Susan Smith case tho, i was SURE. she was just putting on too much of an act.
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        I guess in my mind right now the parents aren't suspects. Mainly because the younger sister witnessed the kidnapping. I don't recall if she said the kidnapper wore a mask or not, but I don't recall hearing a mask mentioned. If the suspect wasn't wearing a mask, then she would have known if it was the dad. It is possible that it was the dad and that she knows it but he's threatened her so she keeps telling this story about another suspect, but I kind of doubt it. OTOH, it just seems so random the way they keep saying it happened. So I guess I'm clueless...
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          police aren't giving up any more information since this all went down.

          what all did the assailant say that the little sister overheard? what did the older sister say and/or do? how willing was she to comply (yes he had a gun, but did she show any fear or was she too willing to go along?)

          there are a LOT of unanswered questions, but i'm sure the police don't want to give out too much information, but they really haven't given ANY whatsoever. maybe if more info was out there it could possibly HELP the case. but i can't say that for sure.
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            Salt Lake Tribune.

            Smart Case Stumps Police

            06/11/2002 - Six days after a teen-age girl reportedly was kidnapped from her Salt Lake City home by an unknown gunman, police said Monday they have ruled out the possibility Elizabeth Smart staged her own abduction and was a runaway.

            With no credible leads and almost no physical evidence, baffled investigators have re-examined the family's Federal Heights home, reinterviewed members of the family and administered a polygraph test to the 14-year-old girl's father, said Salt Lake City police Capt. Scott Atkinson. He emphasized Edward Smart is not a suspect in his daughter's disappearance.

            Edward Smart took the lie detector test willingly Sunday and the results were being scrutinized by FBI agents Monday, said Atkinson.

            "We are looking at every possible angle. [The polygraph] is just one of the tools we've been using," Atkinson said.

            Investigators refused to say what questions Smart had been asked during the interview. He is the only family member to be tested, but Atkinson said other relatives could be asked to take a similar test.

            "We are no closer to solving the case," Atkinson said, noting that 100 detectives, including about 40 federal agents, were sifting through "hundreds" of leads pouring in to police dispatchers from around the country.

            In a brief statement Monday, Edward Smart said he took the test because he had "nothing to hide. . . . It's not uncommon in a case like this for a polygraph to be administered. When asked by law enforcement, I fully cooperated."

            Elizabeth was taken by an armed intruder inside her family's Federal Heights home between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. Wednesday, according to police. The man, who reportedly carried a small black handgun, entered the bedroom shared by Elizabeth and her 9-year-old sister. He forced Elizabeth to go with him and threatened the younger girl that if she told anyone, her sister would be hurt, the child told police.

            The girl -- the only witness to the abduction -- waited two hours or more, then woke her parents, police said. The abductor "didn't leave any clues," Atkinson said. Police planned to question the 9-year-old girl, but would probably not issue a more detailed description of the suspect, he said.

            Dozens of off-road enthusiasts were asked Monday to bring their all-terrain vehicles to a wide expanse of barren desert west of Salt Lake City to hunt for clues.

            "Every day we want a place where we can do one search," said Tom Smart, Elizabeth's uncle, in making the plea for the off-road quest. No specific information prompted the plan to search the desert, said Smart, who suggested "horse posses" might be used to hunt for the girl in the future.

            Between 400 and 500 volunteers took part in other search efforts, going through neighborhoods, city parks and surrounding foothills, calling Elizabeth's name and posting fliers.

            Residents throughout Utah have been asked to search their own property -- under boat covers and inside vacation cabins, for instance -- and the Utah Farm Bureau Federation encouraged the state's farmers to comb their farms, fields and outbuildings.

            As the hunt continues, Elizabeth's loved ones remain hopeful.

            "The whole family believes she is alive," said Elizabeth's cousin, Sierra Smart, who said she is as perplexed as police investigators by the girl's disappearance. "It is exactly as confusing as it appears. There's no secret."
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              That is so sad.. that and the two girls in Oregon I believe who were on the same dance squad and were abducted two months apart. I feel so badly for their families.
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                News cast tonight is saying they are looking for a homeless man for some reason. But wish to stress he is not a suspect in the case.
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                  Sad situation. Isn't it amazing however when required to take a lie dector like any other parent would do the Ramsey's hired an attorney.
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                    I just got back from Salt Lake from visiting my dad who happens to live two blocks from the Smart house. My dad had some interesting tidbits that don't seem to have made the news:

                    1) The Smart family are devout mormons. This only matters because of what follows. When the nine year old first came and told dad what would most parents do. Probably call the police. Instead the Smart's called their bishop (kind of like a minister but not exactly - mormons are hard to describe to those not familiar with them) and discussed the case with him.

                    2) On Monday when I got there, there were fliers everywhere about this. All started with the headline "kidnapped." That same day the police did the poly on dad and the next day publicly stated they were looking seriously at family and neighbors as possible suspects because they felt the perp had to have known the house and Elizabeth. Today all the fliers have been changed and instead of saying kidnapped they say in big letters "Non family abduction." To me that was kind of a sign that there will soon be a lot of animosity between the police and family.

                    3) The dad is apparently in a lot of financial trouble. Don't know if this is relevant but who knows.

                    4) I haven't heard the relevance of this yet but this morning I noticed a large field had been taped off with crime scene tape near the Smart home. It wasn't taped yesterday.


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                      I've been working on a Task Force with this case. It's frustrating to work because there's little to go on. I will tell you this much, don't believe the papers and rumors. I know for a fact that it's not all true. Including things posted in this thread. The parents are not suspects and the AMW info on Bret Edmunds is for quesioning. He has unrelated warrants, including OC-ing a police officer, but he may know something. He's afraid of jail and the warrants, that's why he's hiding.
                      Zamboni, the flyer headings are different depending on where you download them from. It's nothing to do with the case status. They have blood hounds working the areas and are concerned with area contamination, hence the taped field.
                      Other details are sensitive but the fact is that we need to find this poor little girl, and soon! I come home every night and want to kick the dog out of frustration.
                      Keep Elizabeth and her family in your prayers.


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                        Originally posted by MPD3P59:
                        I come home every night and want to kick the dog out of frustration.
                        Understandably so. This is one of the few that I never had to deal, with thank God! I just can't imagine a more frustrating case than this type.

                        Keep Elizabeth and her family in your prayers.
                        Absolutely. This thing has really bothered me for some reason!

                        [ 06-16-2002: Message edited by: Don ]
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                          Did you hear the news reports saying that the window screen seems to be cut from the INSIDE?
                          "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                            Absolutely. This thing has really bothered me for some reason!
                            This one has also struck a nerve with me. Maybe it's because I also have a 14 year old sister.



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                              My window screen had a cut from the inside when I was 14.

                              So did the screens of all of my friends.

                              That's how we got back in the house when we snuck out.

                              And guess what? Whoever moved into that house after we moved had them too unless they noticed the small cut and placed the screen.


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