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Jury Duty


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  • Jury Duty

    Well, got my summons (again). Any other Officers/LE Agency employees ever get jury duty and actually serve on a jury?
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    Yep, as a matter of fact I did. I was a records clerk in the Sheriff's Department and was selected on a trial as the alternate. I was sure they would let me go, as I knew everyone in the room from the judge to the bailiff. But the attys were okay with it, and I had an open mind to hear the evidence. I didn't get to deliberate, though.

    For the record, the guy was in the navy and accused of exposing himself to a woman in a grocery store. After hearing all the evidence, my vote was guilty and so was the jury's.

    Now, I'm a jury clerk and I'm the one who you talk to when you get summonsed!
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      Never. Both times I was summoned to jury duty in my old county I was the only one to want to serve. And I never got picked. Even though all the attorneys and judges knew who I was and what I did I always got held until the very end so it shot my whole day. I never understood that. They knew they weren't going to pick me.
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        About a year or so ago I get the little questionaire that they send you. The one where they make sure you still live where they have you listed, your occupation etc.. I filled it out and listed my job as police officer. I figured that I would not hear back. About three weeks ago I got a summons to be a juror on May 13. This is during my scheduled vacation so I requested a postponement. I probably will get another one soon. I seriously doubt that in this state a police officer would get picked for a criminal trial. If I get picked I suspect it will be civil.
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          Across the Pond, LEO's are banned from jury duty. I can see the sense in it but it would be fun for one of our regular customers to walk in and see me or one my colleagues in the jury box.

          The list of people who are automatically excused or who will likely be excused is really extensive here. I don't know whether the exclusion of these individuals has anything to do with the fact that in parts of this country 60% of defendants are being acquitted (so over half the people we're bring to Crown Court didn't do it - right). Not that I don't think the jury system is anything less than fantastic - so much so that the Gov't Department responsible for juries threatens with prosecution anyone who attempts to do studies of how juries actually operate. Nothing to hide there then. Certainly we shouldn't be alarmed at reports that some juries have made their decisions by consulting ouija boards.
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            In California, peace officers are exempt from jury duty for both criminal and civil trials. My wife got called for jury duty a few years ago and was dismissed fairly quickly. My one brother, several years before getting on the job, had jury duty. During jury selection, he was asked if he would believe a defendant's testimony if given under oath. His response was "yeah, right!" He was sent home also.
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              Until a year or two ago we were exempt from jury duty. In the short time since our exemption vanished, I know of no local officers who've served on a jury.

              Given the limited pool of local criminals, most of them have been involved with us in one way or another over most officers' careers anyway.We already know they are guilty, so we could save the taxpayers alot of money by skipping the trial and moving right to the decision of guilt and the sentencing........


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                Usually when I have a jury summons. I've got a couple three subpoenas for criminal court that day too. What I had been doing was going to one of the District Judges and asking to be excused since I was a witness for the state in anything that a jury was going to be picked for.

                This worked until the last time. The last time I gathered up all my subpoenas, my jury summons, and went down to talk to one of the District Judges. He told me he wouldn't excuse me from jury duty that time because there was going to be a really big civil trial. So, I got held all day. I didn't get picked, but the Judge used me as an assistant bailiff to help move the jury pool around.
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                  About two years ago, I received a Jury Summons.

                  When I reported, I was in uniform, since my work day began several hours earlier than the summons time.

                  I wound up serving on a Civil Jury in a Persoanl Injury Case that lasted two days.

                  It was an interesting experience, to say the least.
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                    I finally got called in for jury duty last year (had been waiting for years "always wanted to be on a jury" But of course I got shot down. My father is just fixing to start his 5th Grand Jury term. He is a retired cop (but I do know that Grand Juries and Juries are two diff things). I have to admit I was really bummed when they dismissed me! [Frown]
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