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Officer murdered in patrol car in Seattle


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    Was the door panel armored?

    If the perpetrator shot through the passenger side window, the driver who is further away from the window would be more exposed, but the passenger would have good cover if the passenger ducks behind the armor panel that is closer. I'm wondering if that's what happened.

    The motive would likely to be revealed soon, but it would matter less for the rest of us, since any crazy can do this type of thing for any reason or no reason at all.


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        Very tragic.
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          Originally posted by Nobody View Post
          are you kidding, or are you referring to the "standard side-impact protection" steel?
          No, I'm not talking about side impact bar.
          You've never heard of Crown Victoria door armor panel?


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            I gotta say just reading that transcript did me in. I could never listen to that audio.

            God Bless em'.

            My prayers to all involved.
            Originally posted by crass cop
            Just do it in front of a camera and try not to get a boner and you shoudl be fine.


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              Originally posted by GrayBlue View Post
              No, I'm not talking about side impact bar.
              You've never heard of Crown Victoria door armor panel?
              "Kevlar-lined front doors, which might be useful as protective barriers during gunfights, are optional on the Crown Victoria Police Interceptors for the 2006 Model Year."


              Depends if they got the option and if the car was an 06 or newer.


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                R.I.P brother....


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                  I keep checking this thread, hoping to see that they caught the guys.
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                    Originally posted by adeutch View Post
                    I keep checking this thread, hoping to see that they caught the guys.
                    Not yet, but I did hear tonight that right after the hit there was some busy squawk in LA about the murder by some of the local bangers down there. LA DEP might be on to something...


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                      That transcript makes the hair stand on the back of my neck. Absolutely despicable.
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                        Tragic doesn't even begin to describe this. After reading the transcript the full impact of how Officer Brenton was killed hit me. Has anyone heard any more about the car they pulled over? Were they involved or just innocent bystander? Did they atleast come to the aid of the officers?


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                          The way I understand it Hazardsys is that it was a typical pull over and the FTO Brenton was going over the stop with the rookie Sweeney. Just SOP stuff that they had probably been doing for a while, I don't know how long he was her FTO but more than likely just a critique of her work on stops? The two of them were just setting in the car going over things and the "assassin" pulled very close to the drivers side door where Sweeney was setting and Brenton in the shotgun seat. The cars were facing the same direction when the "assassin" opened fire, Sweeney just got one of those feelings when she caught the sight of the car in the corner of her eye and soon as the shots went off she ducked down and Officer Brenton was killed instantly. I'm trying to find a CG image that I saw on the news today that showed the proximity of the two vehicles when this occurred, but here's the latest and I'll keep looking...

                          by JIM FORMAN / KING 5 News
                          Posted on November 3, 2009 at 10:59 PM
                          Updated today at 11:20 PM

                          "SEATTLE - Police believe they may have a picture of the gunman's car videotaped by a different patrol car's dashboard cam that was rolling during a routine traffic stop.
                          They think it's a possible match because it fits the description given by the trainee who survived the shooting and because of the way the car was behaving while driving by the patrol car.
                          The image is not a good one, but police are hoping it may be a good break".

                          Here is a new video from KONG news that states that police found a back-pack in the downtown area with names of SPD officers and their "comings and goings"

                          They're not sure if this has anything to do with the murder but it sure seems odd for this information to be of use to anyone but SPD. Check out the clip...

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                            Tragic and sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to those officers families and SPD in this terrible time... I think this situation is all of our worst nightmare come true.

                            If the people that did this got away with it this time, I'll bet they'll try it again. Everyone remain vigilant. Don't get complacent. If vehicles or even people approach your car while you are sitting in it, make sure you call it out so (God forbid!) if something happens they at least have a description of the person or vehicle to go with!!

                            I know these officers probably didn't have that opportunity. It makes me sad.

                            Stay safe everyone...


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                              Originally posted by NextGenOfc View Post
                              Wow, prayers are with the officers and their families, that is just insane. I hope the dash cam was able to get a view of the vehicle, especially the plates so they can get a good lead in this case..
                              They reportedly backed away after the shooting, so it wasn't captured on that patrol car's tape.
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                                There are a lot of things in this story that speak of intensive planning on the part of the bad guys.

                                Walk Hard folks.

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