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Officer murdered in patrol car in Seattle


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  • Officer murdered in patrol car in Seattle

    This is just insane. Prayers to the slain Officer's family.

    There's a link to a video:

    SEATTLE -- A Seattle police officer was shot to death and another officer was wounded late Saturday night while conducting a traffic stop in the city's Central District neighborhood.

    The officer who died was a veteran of the department, and the woman who was wounded is a student officer in training, Assistant Chief Jim Pugel said.

    The two had stopped a car near the intersection of 29th Avenue and East Yesler Way just after 10 p.m. when another vehicle pulled up alongside and someone opened fire on the officers.

    The training officer was fatally wounded and died at the scene. His name has not been released.

    The other officer called for help and was rushed to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle where she was expected to recover.

    A man who lived nearby said he heard eight to ten shots fired, then another volley of about six shots. It was not immediately clear if either officer returned fire.

    Officers from multiple law enforcement agencies converged on area, scouring the neighborhood for the shooter, but no arrests have been made.

    Pugel called the act a "deliberate homicide" and vowed to hunt down whoever is responsible.

    Investigators have been at the scene all night collecting evidence, and fellow officers lined Yesler Way as the fallen officer's body was driven to the King County Medical Examiner's office just before 3 a.m.

    Police are looking for a car that drove away from the shooting scene, but no detailed description of the vehicle or suspected shooter was available.

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    Wow, prayers are with the officers and their families, that is just insane. I hope the dash cam was able to get a view of the vehicle, especially the plates so they can get a good lead in this case..


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      ugh, awful story.

      I wonder if the original vehicle in the t-stop was connected.

      RIP. Both officers and families are in my thoughts.


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        R.I.P. officer and a pray for a speedy recovery for the other officer.


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          Just got up and made coffee and the news woke me up with this. This is terrible and senseless, I hope they get these cowards which they will and just slit their throats.

          R.I.P. thoughts and prayers for you and your families


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            I hate reading these stories. No matter how long you do this job, I've found it never gets easier to hear about another officer being killed in the line of duty. If anything... it gets harder.

            RIP to the FTO, and a speedy recovery for the OJT Officer.

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              Absolutely horrible.

              People wonder why we don't want them using cell phones during traffic stops or get upset when they pull in behind us to ask directions while we're doing a stop.
              I miss you, Dave.


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                Wow, this is sad.


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                  Awful. Just AWFUL! So sorry for these officers, their friends & families, and the entire Seattle police force.

                  In re: civilians not understanding about the cell phone thing -- it really comes down to lack of awareness of what could happen.

                  WE know that WE are not a threat & we live in a world where most of the time we don't have to think about such things. It is difficult to imagine that we can be SEEN as a threat when we know we aren't.

                  Not excusing or arguing. Just explaining. And I'm not looking to turn this thread into an argument about that!

                  I know there's a whole heck of a lot of experience most of us civilians will never get.

                  Again, condolences and heartfelt sorrow for all.
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                    Thoughts and prayers for the officer's family and department.
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                      This is tragic.

                      Unfortunately, I do not think that this is the first drive-by shooting of a police officer.
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                        Sadly, nor the last...


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                          From the Seattle Police Department blotter

                          Officer shot and killed
                          On October 31st, shortly after 10:00 p.m., a Field Training Officer (FTO) and his female student officer were parked in their patrol car in the 100 Block of 29th Avenue South. The student officer was seated in the driver’s seat and the FTO was in the passenger seat. A vehicle that has been described as a light-colored sedan pulled up next to the parked patrol car and the suspect(s) fired multiple shots into the patrol car. The Field Training Officer was struck multiple times, killing him. The student officer received minor injuries. She was able to get out of the patrol car, return fire several times to the fleeing suspect vehicle, and call for additional units. Officers from all precincts responded, as well as Homicide and CSI. This investigation is very much active and ongoing, and is a priority for the Department. Information is limited at this time, as it is still early in the investigation. There is a press conference tenatively scheduled for later this afternoon, where we hope to provide additional information.

                          Condolences to the officer's family.

                          Hoping for a speedy recovery.
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                            RIP Brother....I hope they fry the idiots that did this........


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                              Originally posted by DAL View Post
                              This is tragic.

                              Unfortunately, I do not think that this is the first drive-by shooting of a police officer.
                              What are you thinking DAL, gang initiation or something like it, something having to do with Halloween maybe?


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