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  • Lucky Officer

    A friend from the area showed this to me, thank god both the officer and K-9 escapeed without injuries:

    Officer, K-9 dog escape serious injury after accident Friday morning

    It was a wild ride for a Joplin Police Department K-9 officer and his partner.

    Early this morning, officer Travis Walthall was traveling from work on 43 Highway when he a struck a deer.

    After hitting the deer, his police car ran off the road and flipped over. The officer and his dog were escaped the crash without any injuries, but the patrol car was severely damaged.

    No word if the car has been totaled.

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    I'm glad they're both okay! Screw the deer.

    I've hit my fair share of deer, but I've been lucky not to lose control of my jeep (came close the first time, though).

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      You`re lucky with the Jeep with the flat front end. Hit em with a sports car and it might wind up in your lap.

      I had a bear run into the side of my 89 Corvette. That was weird.
      Life is like a 3 ring circus and cops have a front row seat. It`s The Greatest Show On Earth.


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        I cycle through a park to get to work and it takes 15 minutes to cycle through, the park is locked dusk to dawn but cyclists can get through

        so eerie cycling through there - dark - no traffic just hordes of deer which are normally peace loving, grass eating, picturesque animals

        one time I was going through the park about 4.30am (locked) and half way through heard this massive ROARING, scared the life out of me continued but came upon this stag in the middle of the road bellowing and looking crazy, for the first time I veered off the road behind some trees and heard more roaring, looking over I saw a different stag way across behaving the same way, I pedalled faster thinking "I gotta get outta this schmeggin place!"

        got to the gates and for the first time found the pedestrian gates locked ! I couldn't get out and this flipping roaring was relentless, not nice

        anyway I waited there thinking "I just do not believe this, I'm trapped in park of crazed deers, now what am I gonna do?" I was just thinking "Ok I'll have to chuck the bike over the 6' fence and follow suit" when a police car (RPC) pulled up

        unlock - Chiefy is on his way boy what an experience
        from your old mate
        c h i e f y
        global chiefy to yer seadog seafarin' maties


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