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  • Can someone enlighten me


    I never knew anything about this until today when i was talking to an officer.

    He was telling me about being a seasonal officer and go to the academy and work during the summer and/or winter months.

    Does anyone have any experience with this or any other information that would be helpful. Would being a seasonal officer help you get a chance of becoming a full-time officer with the department you are working for?

    Thank You
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    There are many police Depts. that hire Seasonal officers, some are "full service" armed cops, like in Ocean city MD, others just carry OC and sticks, and other still just write tickets.

    Depends on where you want to work, and what.... Some dept. hire either Retired Officers , or former officers for seasonal work.

    I would check out the Beach towns in De, MD, and I think NJ has them too, as do some on LI, or they did YEARS ago.


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      Seasonal employment could give you a chance for some experience, and to see if you really want to become a full-time LEO. It can also give an employing agency a pool of potential candidates for any full-time openings, people that the agency has already had a chance to observe and evaluate "on the job."

      Beach towns in Maine hire reserve officers for the summer. I believe NJ has Special Officer I and II categories, with different training and duties, as mentioned above.
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        some cities populations swell during summer or other times of the year. During those times they need more cops than usual, they cant afford to keep them during the winter months so they hire seasonal officers. Problem is they pretty much expect you to be able to hit the ground running so they often just hire retirees.

        National parks police are almost all seasonal since many national parks are closed during winter or almost closed. Yellowstone for example.

        I think what you are looking for is more of a reserve officer postions which you can do all year. And yes both would make you a better candidate for being an oficer. As would getting a job as a report writer, dispatcher, or donut sales clerk. (OK the last one is sketchy but you get to eat a lot of donuts yummmm donuts, what was I talking about.....
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          There may be a couple of village forces on LI that still hire seasonals....not sure though. A number stopped when they hired more full-timers.


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