I opened my big mouth about some things I saw that needed addressed, and now I’m drawing up the emergency action response plan for my city. Call it “what to do when bad stuff happens” for non-LEOs. Topics covered include: Fire evacuation, Medical emergencies, Bomb threats, Suspicious packages, Active shooter/lockdown, Hostage/rescue, Severe weather, etc.

The plan has been written.

The quick reference guide is at the printer.

Now I need to teach the class.

My audience is every city employee from Administration to Wastewater. The class is <2 hrs, and is going to be an annual event from now on. I’m doing the standard “Info intensive Powerpoint presentation”, but I’d like to incorporate some videos, sound clips, shiny handouts, practical exercises, skits, etc. ANYTHING to make this more interesting and interactive for them. Keychains and pencil toppers, even. My budget is . . . well, if it ain’t free it should be cheap because I’m buying it myself.

Point me in the right direction, anything would be appreciated.