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Something tells me my sis-in-law needs a good attorney...


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  • Something tells me my sis-in-law needs a good attorney...

    She's a manager in a well-known restaurant chain. She was hired with the company knowing she suffers epileptic siezures. Today at work, she had one....and was FIRED 15 minutes later. She called the corporate HQ. 20 minutes later, her ex-boss is calling BEGGING her to report to work tomorrow. Hmmmm....
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    My Mom had epilepsy. I am well aware that it can be a big setback. I don't think that it is right for a company to fire someone for a medical condition. I think that a few bucks could be made with this one.
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      My son has epilepsy from a benign brain tumor. All I have to do is send a card of our attorneys in with him to put on his desk when they try to make him quit. He's been there five years now. I did my homework and know the special circumstances in which they can fire someone with this proble. They tried to say his area had 5 people in it and it caused hardship for the other 4. I told them they work for a billion dollar company. It can only be if the whole company has a small number of people working there. His company has over 800 employees. They backed off when I told them this.

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        I hope she is well and didn't injure herself during the seizure Shooter.
        It certainly sounds like SHE can be the new manager/boss now if she wants to.
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          I have a friend who got fired in a similar situation...one big difference though...she didn't disclose the condition on her application and they fired her, not for the seizure disorder, but for being dishonest on the application.

          Tell your sister in law I said, you go girl! They hired her knowing full well she had the condition, and they can just do what they have to, to accomodate her. Hope she's feeling much better and that the seizures are a rare occurrance for her.
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            I had a friend who managed an outdoor sporting goods store. There was an employee with severe epilepsy there. He'd had several seizures at work. That was the problem- he was a TERRIBLE worker (late, rude, not knowledgeable or helpful) and they strongly suspected he'd stolen around $1500 in goods from the paintball department, but they were afraid to fire him for fear that he'd come back and say that it was because of the epilipsy.

            In the end, he found a new job, so it wasn't a problem. It's people like that that make it very difficult sometimes for people with legitimate health issues. I hope you sister in law can get a good resolution to her problems [Frown]
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