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Remember this....Long Police Fight


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  • Remember this....Long Police Fight

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    Remember this video......... No help...
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    Wow, really?

    The cop fought that guy for well over 2 minutes, in BOSTON, and no one came to help him?

    Here's a related question... at what point in time would the officer have the right to just shoot the guy in the head? I mean come on, the suspect CLEARLY had intentional motive to hurt the officer and the officer easily could of argued that if he lost control of the situation he would have been in fear of his life.

    I mean I guess I can't talk, since I don't know the full story. Maybe the suspect is a decent guy who just had a bad day and made a bad decision, but more than likely he's just some drunk who got in trouble for drinking in public or something and decided that beating the cop and trying to get away was better than sitting in lock-up for a couple hours to sober up, and MAYBE a ticket.

    Seriously... why do we need people like that? Remind me again how they're productive to our society at all?


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      And don't forget to use the things on your BatBelt and that we don't fight fair.
      All Gave Some - Some Gave All



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        What bothers me more, is this numb nu- did think maybe to call 911 vs sitting there recording it. I don't know that's just my take on it.

        I wonder if the roles were reversed, if it would have taken this long for me to see this video?

        There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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          I remember this video. Scary, he had to of be fatigued after and during this fight. Not to monday night quarterback this to death but it seemed the Ofc kept tring to use control techniques on this 'assultive' subject. This is a fight where striking and straight up donnybrook style pounding needs to happen.


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            Oh I remember this video. It's really aggravating seeing all the sheep walk by and pretend nothings happening.



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              I've seen this before, and been in a similar situation, where a handful of people STOPPED and actually WATCHED as I fought with an ex-con that had just robbed a bank and car-jacked his get away car and was DETERMINED not to go back to prison. The only help I got was from an off-duty that rolled up , and with his 2 young kids in the car, still got out to lend a hand in a situation he knew nothing about.

              Bottom line is all we have to count on is each other, remember that in your day to day dealings with each other and off-duty officers you encounter.
              "The wicked flee when no man pursueth
              but the righteous are bold as a lion"

              Proverbs 28:1, inscription beneath NLEOM lion.sigpic


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                That video really aggravates me...seen it before. Interesting how no one cares to step in and help the officer. I only wonder if once the perp got the gun how many of these people watching would have gotten hurt. Perhaps they might have learned?
                "Inside me is something that is too stupid to quit. I don't know where it comes from or why it is, but it is there and always has been."


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                  Disgusting to watch the people walk by and the idiot video taping instead of helping. I'm also wondering why the officer isn't striking him. Really a good punch to face will back somebody off and stun them.

                  I see the officer taking several strikes from the suspect. I'm not going to monday morning quarterback him any further. Many agencies had policies that you couldn't punch someone in the face up until recently. I'm just glad the officer made it through ok.
                  The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.


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                    Yeah, I've seen that and continue to wonder why someone didn't do something.


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