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Minnesota CCW


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  • Minnesota CCW

    I've been away for a few days and I couldn't see if anyone has posted about the historic CCW bill passing in the State of Minnesota. Does any one from MN know the requirements for CCW and how difficult or easy is it going to be for someone to acquire said permit?

    Also is the required training a familiarity program for gun safety or an actual proficency test requiring target shooting or both? I'd love to know!! [Wink]
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    Not terribly easy, but better than it was. As it stands, if I'm reading the actual, final version of the bill, it'll read, in part:

    (b) Unless a sheriff denies a permit under the exception
    set forth in subdivision 6, paragraph (a), clause (3), a sheriff
    must issue a permit to an applicant if the person:
    (1) has training in the safe use of a pistol;
    (2) is at least 21 years old and a citizen or permanent resident of the United States;
    (3) completes an application for a permit;
    (4) is not prohibited from possessing a firearm under the following sections:
    (i) 518B.01, subdivision 14;
    (ii) 609.224, subdivision 3;
    (iii) 609.2242, subdivision 3;
    (iv) 609.749, subdivision 8;
    (v) 624.713;
    (vi) 624.719;
    (vii) 629.715, subdivision 2; or
    (viii) 629.72, subdivision 2; and
    (5) is not listed in the criminal gang investigative data system under section 299C.091.


    (a) An applicant must present evidence that the applicant received training in the safe use of a pistol within one year of the date of an original or renewal application. Training may be demonstrated by:

    (1) employment as a peace officer in the state of Minnesota within the past year; or
    (2) completion of a firearms safety or training course providing basic training in the safe use of a pistol and conducted by a certified instructor.

    (b) Basic training must include:
    (1) instruction in the fundamentals of pistol use;
    (2) successful completion of an actual shooting qualification exercise; and
    (3) instruction in the fundamental legal aspects of pistol possession, carry, and use, including self-defense and the restrictions on the use of deadly force.

    (d) A sheriff must accept the training described in this subdivision as meeting the requirement in subdivision 2, paragraph (b), for training in the safe use of a pistol. A sheriff may also accept other satisfactory evidence of training in the safe use of a pistol.

    It appears that the DNR's firearms safety class is no longer an acceptable training course, which is a bummer, as it was the cheapest, though your mileage may vary depending on your county.

    Figure $100 - $150 for the training class, plus up to $100 for the application fee...

    It's hardly what I'd call a "historic CCW bill", but that's just me.

    Anyway, in MN, a lot of the popular "concealed carry" pistols fall afoul of the "junk gun" law, IIRC, but I'm too tired to go look it up...
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