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Report: Secret Service strained to protect Obama


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  • Report: Secret Service strained to protect Obama

    From: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/200910...ws/ynews_ts950

    An internal congressional report questioning the ability of the Secret Service to continue fulfilling its duties was leaked to the Boston Globe. The report says the Secret Service is strained by a drastic increase in threats to President Obama, coupled with deep budget cuts. Some are speculating that the agency may need to relinquish all or part of its roles in protecting the country's financial machinery in order to focus resources on the protection of the president and other high-profile leaders.

    The report, issued in August by the Congressional Research Service, claimed that if "an evaluation of the service's two missions" were to be done at this time, there's a good possibility that "it might be determined that it is ineffective...to conduct its protection mission and investigate financial crimes." Additionally, an anonymously quoted government official said that many inside the halls of Congress and within the Secret Service itself are questioning whether or not the agency's effectiveness wouldn't be enhanced by transferring some of its responsibilities regarding the investigation of financial crimes over to the Treasury Department.

    Talking Points Memo noted that Ronald Kessler, the author of a recently released book on the Secret Service's protection of U.S. presidents, recently said that threats against President Obama are up 400 percent from the number of threats levied against former President George W. Bush, while the size of the agency's staff has only increased by 5.3 percent.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center says that the U.S. has seen a 35 percent rise in hate groups in recent years, and few doubt that the discontent stirred up over the election of an African-American president is fueling the rise in threats. But, could the influx of modern technology also be to blame?

    As the cost of computer technology has fallen (and accessibility to high-speed Internet service has spread), more and more people are spending more and more time online. Accordingly, these people are doing what people often do on the Internet: sending emails, communicating in chat rooms and on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, watching YouTube videos, etc. According to results of a recent study by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, these activities seem to be enhancing the scope of extremist groups' reach:

    With over 200 million users, online bigots have to date outpaced efforts to remove them. Some sites have thousands of friends, thus enabling the message of hate to spread virally...This user-generated material increases the viral spread of extremism online and aids in increasing the social acceptability of hate in mainstream discourse. By creating an environment where users are equal participants in the Web, all editorial functions are removed and expressions of hate can easily flow unchallenged.

    In other words, extremists once confined to small sects can now congregate on the Internet anonymously and distribute propaganda to millions of people in mere seconds. People with extreme views can also now communicate direct threats to individuals quicker and more easily than they have previously, thanks to the immediacy of email and chat rooms.

    The Secret Service, presently housed under the bureaucratic umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security, was initially established in 1865 to help combat the rise in counterfeiting that took place in that era. The protection of national leaders didn't become a full-time responsibility until William McKinley was assassinated in 1901. Congress passed a law in 1917 making any threat against the president a federal crime, and the responsibility of investigating such threats often falls upon the Secret Service. Along with protecting presidents, the agency's role in policing financial shenanigans was expanded when the 20th century's technological revolution led to a rise in electronic financial transactions.

    It should be noted in all of this, however, that the Secret Service has issued a response in which the agency denied any decreased capacity to carry out its missions, saying that the Boston Globe's report was "not accurate and lacks a good deal of information."

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    I retired from the USSS in 1988 after 27 years of field criminal investigation
    of counterfeiting, forgery of Treasury securities, as well as many hours of
    protective assignments. I'm glad I retired. The SS is a young person's sort of job; tough on families, and you often hear the phrase "the needs of the Service come first". I'm proud to have been an agent of this organization, and have tremendous respect for today's agents and the environment they
    work under. We were nowhere near the size of the FBI, and we depended
    on local, county, state and other federal agencies to assist us. Thank God
    for our brother and sister LEO's - we could never succeed without them.


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      ...ya think?


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        USSS Response

        For fairness, here's a link to the response by the USSS to the article in the Boston Globe:


        Fair and Balanced and all
        The darkest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in a time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.



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          OMG what is this new thing called the Internet? This new Internet thing is the causation behind a sudden increase in bigotry?


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            Originally posted by mikeymedic View Post
            OMG what is this new thing called the Internet? This new Internet thing is the causation behind a sudden increase in bigotry?
            Absolutely. I, for example, now hate 30% of all people with access to a keyboard. I would never have learned of my intense and irrational hatred of these people and the interweb thingy brought their innane ramblings to my attention.

            It used to be you had to be a famous idiot to annoy large numbers of the rest of us. Now you just have to be able to type. n not vn vry well if u use txt. OR YOU CAN JUST USE ALL CAPS.

            See? Don't you hate me just a little bit more now?
            I miss you, Dave.


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              Obama has immediate access to 40,000 military troops,,he might as well use them to augment the Secret Service!


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                Originally posted by TheInlandEmpire View Post
                Obama has immediate access to 40,000 military troops,,he might as well use them to augment the Secret Service!
                He can't, he's got them busy in a skirmish with FOX news.


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                  Hmm who was the last president that was so hated that somebody fired shots through the WH fence ?? And another somebody actually flew a small plane INTO the side of the WH (almost no damage).

                  I'm sure the SS has their hands full with hate groups like Democratic Underground and others like that.

                  Our Potus is sucking tall right now, working his way to the LOWEST APPROVAL RATING in all history, not unexpected when you put a moron in the oval office who has never had a job in his life. The scary thing is that we all know the MSM will eventually tire of his BS and turn on him, at that point FOX news will be his best friend really, because they do not hate HIM, they hate his Marxist policies and ideas. That is the thing that he and his followers will NEVER understand.......very few people hate Obama, what they hate is his policy and ideals....and his arrogant snobbish insistence that his way is the "right way".

                  Cries of racism every time somebody opposes the most Marxist ideas in our country EVER are a cop out.

                  Just pay your dues, and be quiet :-)


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                    Originally posted by JasperST View Post
                    He can't, he's got them busy in a skirmish with FOX news.
                    Oh that's right, and he needs to divert 20,000 of those to attack Rush and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce..


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                      One of the biggest issues, is this President cannot sit still for five minutes. He travels constantly. He goes here and stays 30 minutes and then jets off somewhere else for and hour. That's all well and good, but the USSS has agents that have to go to these localities and lay down all kinds of ground work to pull off these appearances. Lots of planning and money goes into these stops way before he gets there. And the localities eat a bunch of the cost of his appearances and get no reimbursement. And he thinks nothing of canceling a scheduled appearance at the last minute and all the time and money for the prep was wasted. The agents that go out, many days or weeks in advance of his scheduled appearances, get everything ready for the event, then move on to the next location and do the same thing there. Totally different type thing than the guys that travel with him. Lots of agents all over the country and world doing this kinda thing all the time just so he can make a ten minute speech, wave, shake a few hands and fly somewhere else. One agent that is a friend of mine, says President Obama's travel pace is very aggressive in comparison to other Presidents. My friend gets these assignments and it goes like this. You will be flying out of so and so airport next Thursday, plan accordingly. You will be briefed more later. Sometimes he knows the name of the country he will be going to and sometimes not. I mean he eventually knows what is going on, but it's always at the last minute kinda thing. That's tough on the family life. I know the President has to travel to get the job done, but being that Joe Taxpayer is paying the bills, and these aren't the strongest of economic times, some thought should be given to need vs. expense in my opinion.
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                        That's a good point. He's in permanent campaign mode. I don't think the agency was set up for that.


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                          Last edited by Nobody; 11-06-2009, 03:53 PM.


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                            Originally posted by Nobody View Post
                            the agency wasn't set up for a few thousand morons coming out of the wood work screaming "the world is ending, end of days are here" just because they don't like the current president. Its only 4 years of your time - and everyone can vote again in about 3 years if they're unhappy....but nope, gotta freak out and make wild accusations and conspiracy theories galore.
                            Reminds me a lot of the previous administration, except it wasn't a just few thousand.
                            as far as the internet and racism - i'm gradually coming to the conclusion that the internet may possibly be one of mankinds worst creations (coming in a close second to mankinds creation of more mankind)
                            LOL. Oh wait. You weren't joking.


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                              I found this interesting....... listen to this reoprt



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