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The Job rant


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  • The Job rant

    I HATE TYPING POLICE REPORTS! Oh, and what I hate even more..... is when you think there is only one report on the tape and there are SIX!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!?

    What part of your job do you hate?
    Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!

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    I love my job. I can sit here and watch other people work for eight hours a night and never get bored by watching them work in the heat, rain, snow, and any other type of weather that happens to torment them. I think that this is the best job in the world. LOL

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      Originally posted by InSane1:

      What part of your job do you hate?
      I hate not having someone to type MY police reports!!
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          I don't know about Hate. The thing I loved was being in a job where the customer is always WRONG!
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            I hate it when someone comes in to complain about getting a parking ticket & I refer them to Municipal Court & they say they've already been there & the court referred them to me! I'm not the judge! (I usually go ahead & dismiss them anyway.)

            I hate it when people come in to complain to the Chief about an officer & come into my office instead.

            I hate it when people come in to file a report & I try to tell them that I don't take reports but they tell me their life story anyway.

            My office is too accessible!


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              Originally posted by Pigskin:
              My office is too accessible!
              1) Put up sign; "ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HEREWITHIN!"

              2) Close door.

              3) Lock door.

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                Look on the bright side Insane! It should not be too long before someone else will be typing your reports for you!

                It must be nice to have that capability, but it can be a double edged sword. One of my first departments had this capability. As I was still a rookie, I scratched out my reports by hand, then read them into the machine. The reports then came back to us to sign.

                I had one lengthy report that when it came back, bore little resemblance to what I had put on the machine. I asked the stenog. about it and she said "well, I did change some things around a little, because they didn't make any sense to me. And I left out some of the language, because it was offensive."

                I tried to explain to her that she needed to type the reports verbatim, that what didn't make sense to her, actually made perfect sense, and the language that had "offended" her was a direct quote from the arrestee.

                She didn't last for two months. . .
                6P1 (retired)


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                  Ahhh, I hate nearly everything about my current job. I work with alot of good people, that is the ONLY thing I have going for me. I need soooo bad to get out of the SO and back into a PD. Its amazing how just opening the door to the building or pulling into the parking ramp puts my mood down the crapper. But, oh well, I go back tonight after a wonderful 4 day weekend, so we'll see.

                  Did I mention i'm back in the hiring process for where I really want to work? WOOOO HOOOO for me!!!!!
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                    You GO jeeper! I myself love the guys in my unit that I serve with and my squadmates and I would go to just about any length to be there for one another-deployed and non-deployed. But I HATE the management, unfortunately that is something you can't ever change in the military. Do what you love, and love what you do. IF you can do that by going back to the PD, then I would burn the hinges off the doors of the SO on your way OUT. ---And take as many of the ones you like working with along with you.
                    Good people really are hard to find, and harder to keep around you.
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                      I tutor emotionally disturbed and learning disabled students in my home. I HATE it when their parents don't tell me they have taken them off their meds or put them on a new one .What I REALLY hate is when one of the little rugrats try to bite me. But the thing I hate the most is when the parents try to excuse their behavior becaus they are "emotionally disturbed" or "learning disabled". A lot of the time, all that is wrong with my students is their parents.


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                        Hmmm..I'm sensing some hostility from you all...But it's good to let it out. Please continue ranting. I enjoy reading the posts!
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                          Originally posted by Mitzi:
                          But the thing I hate the most is when the parents try to excuse their behavior becaus they are "emotionally disturbed" or "learning disabled". A lot of the time, all that is wrong with my students is their parents.
                          Well Mitzi, when you and I were in school, back in the dark ages, kid's who were "ed" or "id" would often get a swift kick in the ***. It's amazing how so many of us turned out to be neither "ed" nor "id" just inattentive, spoiled, or just plain little jerks!

                          I had one teacher that I just detested. Unfortunately I had him for two years, during junior high school. He had NO personality, and no control of his class. Until about the next to the last month of the second school year that I had him.

                          This one kid, (who eventually ended up dying, from being stabbed while serving time,) mouthed off to him once too often. He picked the kid up by the front of his shirt, slapped the schidt out of him, then THREW him out the door of the classroom!

                          This kid never stopped being an ***, but the REST of the class sure straightened up after that.
                          6P1 (retired)


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                            These things may seen lame and stupid to others but I hate:

                            That my phone got taken away because others were using it after I had clocked out and gone home for the day. I'm having a very difficult time doing my job without the phone, as I'm on it with providers and adjusters throughout the day. I'm being punished for something someone else did. Go figure.

                            I hate the huge move we just had at the office. I'm now stuck way up in the front of the building, with my cube walls so friggin high that I can't see what the hell is going on around me. I'm too nosey not to know!

                            I hate upper management, especially Super Bitch and Boy Wonder.

                            I hate that fact that I work with a bunch of women who don't know how to keep a rest room clean. They're slobs.

                            I hate the fact that there are no good looking guys in my office to look at. Well, maybe one or two, but they're so young.

                            I hate when one of my supervisor's brings me a graph he's made showing how many recons I've done for the day, and what goal he'd like me to reach with the recons. I just once would like to tell him to bend over so I can stick that graph where it really belongs.

                            For all the complaining I've done, I really do like my job. I don't complain at work. I do my job and I do it well. When I do leave the company, I want to leave on good terms and with a good reference, so some things are better left unsaid.

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                              I hate getting called out at 2:00 am in the morning to do a "hot" job ...only to find out when I come back later in that day that same "job" is still on the table waiting to be picked up...

                              I hate getting home at 5:56 PM and getting a call at 6:01pm that they "need" something else done...

                              I hate telling a maintenance manager how to "fix" a problem piece of equipment and having them spend weeks trying every solution but the one I reccomended...only to finally do it the way I said and have it work...

                              I hate haveing to go to a week of training to recertify once a year on crap that I've known for 20 years and fighting to stay awake through class...

                              Those are just on my "paying" job...

                              Now for the "cop stuff"...

                              I hate being the first one on the scene of a fatal accident that involves teenagers that got drunk and seriosly maimed or even killed for it...

                              I hate going to a domestic and listening to the excuses of some sniveleing drunk that has tried to justify beating his wife and kids to a bloody pulp...

                              I hate going to a welfare check, and breaking the door frame only to find an elderly person that has been dead for weeks...

                              I hate suicides...

                              I hate the fact that I can only type about 6 words a minute...

                              I hate stopping someone and finding out that he has 2 outstanding warrants for hot checks,driving on a suspended liscense,2 for failure to appear,1 for fleeing from an officer, 1 for aggravated assault,
                              and 2 for theft of property only to be told that I'm a "dick"and several other expletives for arresting I'm suppose to let him go...

                              But hey...other than the above I really dont have many gripes...

                              "The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism. Under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every segment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened."

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