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Suspect says beer theft 'got way out of control'


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  • CruiserClass
    But he says he doesn't understand why the store owner beat him with a metal pipe.
    Because plastic pipes shatter too quickly. Duh.

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  • Nikk
    He admits he had a knife and was there to steal. But he says he doesn't understand why the store owner beat him with a metal pipe.
    Ummm.... the store owner beat you with a metal pipe because you had a knife and were there to steal. I think you answered your own question!

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  • mikeymedic
    Seems like a stand up dad to me. Out getting hammered and trying to steal beer (for the kids i guess) and food with his girlfriend while he leave his mother at home to raise his children.

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  • StainlessSteve
    Guest replied
    Well like PhilipCal said "never take a knife to a gun fight" it also applies to a pipe fight. I have no sympathy for thugs no matter if it's just a piece of bubble gum, pipe em, pipe em hard!!

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  • Jane Q Public
    I am so confused ... what's his 'bad luck'? That his mother didn't raise him better? That he ran into a victim who fought back instead of giving in? (Or two, if you count the restaurant.)

    Is it wrong of me to hope the DA & judge take note of his quotes and make sure the charges are not reduced?

    Honestly "I was just trying to steal beer" like that makes it ok?!

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  • Suspect says beer theft 'got way out of control'

    I thought for sure I had posted this, but I guess not.

    After leaving a friend's home late Tuesday, an admittedly intoxicated Christopher R. Voorhis wanted one more beer. So he stopped at the Shores BP station on Maricamp Road.

    He admits he had a knife and was there to steal. But he says he doesn't understand why the store owner beat him with a metal pipe.

    "I was just trying to steal a beer, not money. I remember what I was going in there for, I just don't remember if the knife was open or not," Voorhis said Thursday after his first court appearance. He's being held at the Marion County jail on a charge of attempted armed robbery.

    "I just wanted a beer and [expletive] just got way out of control," said the 26-year-old Voorhis.

    Liaquat Hossain's store was robbed just last month and also has been hit in the past. He could not be reached Thursday for comment.

    Hossain told sheriff's deputies late Tuesday night that a man in his 20s entered the store with a knife and demanded money. Determined to not hand over the cash, Hossain said he grabbed a metal pipe and began hitting the man.

    The owner chased the robber out of the store, continuing to hit him and his vehicle with the pipe.

    Voorhis and his girlfriend, Lindsay M. Nicklin, 25, a passenger in his car, drove off.

    After investigating, Marion County Sheriff's Office deputies issued a bulletin for the vehicle.

    Meanwhile, Sumter County authorities received a call from a late-night eatery about a couple who purchased food and paid with a credit card that was declined. The two then took the food and left without paying.

    Restaurant personnel described the couple's vehicle, which matched the one in the bulletin.

    Sumter officials stopped the car in Wildwood, and Voorhis was taken to a Leesburg hospital for treatment. After being released, he was arrested.

    On Thursday at the jail, Voorhis said he remembers Hossain hitting him at least six times on the arms and upper body. And while Voorhis said he understands Hossain's anger, he felt the beating was excessive.

    "I understand the man was upset, but he could've stopped when I left the store," he said.

    Voorhis said Hossain also hit his vehicle several times, so hard the air bag on the passenger side popped out.

    "I thought he went overboard," he said. "I no longer had the knife."

    Detectives recovered the knife and said Nicklin confirmed that she and Voorhis had been at the BP station.

    Voorhis, an unemployed father of two young children, lives with his mother. He said Tuesday's incident was a misunderstanding.

    "I never meant for anything to happen. It's just bad luck on my part," he said. "I'm hoping the charges will be reduced."

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