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  • Uhhhh?

    I want to see who do the best job of tearing this apart...

    I know this has been beaten to death 1000 times but...are they freakin kidding?!?! HAHA

    Marijuana is not a gateway to the use of hard drugs.[5]
    Marijuana use does not lead to the commission of crime.[6]
    Marijuana users are unlikely to become dependent[7]
    Marijuana use alone has little impact on driving.[8]
    Liberalizing marijuana laws is unlikely to lead to increased use.[9]
    Marijuana prohibition poses a greater risk to health than marijuana use.[10]
    I apologize to the fullest extent, I couldn't resist the urge to not post something this STUPID.
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    Pretty sure all those have been picked apart clean in other threads (I'll try to link them) if you spend enough time go through some of them. Each one of those "excuses" has been found to have little is them doing their mental gymnastics trying to make it seem okay. Nice to see that all of the bs has been consolidated in to one article.


    I know this has been beaten to death 1000 times but...are they freakin kidding?!?! HAHA
    ...Sorry somehow I missed that (not enough sleep), time to go practice my situational awareness!
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    "Inside me is something that is too stupid to quit. I don't know where it comes from or why it is, but it is there and always has been."


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      Duuuuuuude. I'm like totally not on board.


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        Originally posted by On the sly
        Aw crap, not this topic again.

        I'm going to go make some popcorn, who wants some?
        can you put butter and some salt on them, please??


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          If we were to decriminalize assault, there would be a lot fewer murders in this country.

          Do you think it will sell to the liberals?
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          Though their numbers are many, as the grass upon the field, we will count them at the end of the day.


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