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H1N1 vs. the Police


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    Originally posted by willowdared View Post
    Because no one has any anti-bodies to a brand new strain, so the chances of large numbers of people being ill all at once is the biggest concern.

    Actually, here is an excert from the information we got from the hospital. Im an EMT and we have had to do a lot of reading about this.

    The population over 50 seems to have more resistance. There is an assumption that due to earlier H1N1 outbreaks such as in the 70 this age group developed some resistance to it, plus people over 50 have been more likely to have flu shots, where as young people are assumed to be more healthy and in less need of flu vaccines.
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      I got a flu shot through the Army Reserves...but that was a week after recovering from H1N1.


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        4 H1N1 Deaths in Idaho

        Considering Iadho's small population, this is a large number

        02:06 PM MDT on Monday, October 19, 2009


        BOISE -- Health officials say swine flu may be responsible for four deaths in eastern Idaho over the weekend, including a teenage boy.

        A 15-year-old freshman at Hillcrest High School died Sunday. The boy had flu-like symptoms was taken to the hospital on Oct. 15 in respiratory arrest.

        An investigation and autopsy are underway to determine the role H1N1 played in the teen's death. Other medical conditions may also be a factor.

        "Although most cases of H1N1 influenza recover without medical attention, this is an unfortunate reminder that all flu viruses can be deadly. We must continue to be vigilant in preventing the spread of the H1N1 influenza and seasonal influenza. We anticipate that we could see more illnesses and deaths from H1N1, which is now widespread in our communities," said Richard Horne, Director of Eastern Idaho Public Health District.

        Meanwhile, two other deaths are confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus. That brings the total swine flu deaths in Idaho to four.

        One of victims is 61-year-old male from Bonneville County. He is the first Idahoan to die of the virus without any underlying health conditions.

        A 43-year-old man also died and the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls confirms he was positive for H1N1.

        A woman in her 50s, also from Bonneville County, died from flu-related symptoms.

        We have been told underlying medical conditions contributed to her death.

        Health officials believe H1N1 played a role in her death, but additional tests are being done to confirm that.

        None of them received the H1N1 vaccine.
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          My 2 and 4 years olds are ecoverign from it fine, it is not as bad as the normal symptoms they get with the flu. Just a little cough and REALLY high fever with out meds. We gave them some IB and Tylenol and all was well. I was worried but now realize the hype is just like all the other crap the news media pushes. My wife and I have not caught it and are fine, and we have not done anytihg out of the ordinary to avoid it. I do feel for those who have and will lose loved ones, but I still would rather take my cahnces than pump more crap into my system. I get sick every time I have had a flu shot and they swear its not possible, puh lease. I have not been sick since I was a kid unless I had the shot so go figure...


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            Ped stop....first three Q's

            You have a license?

            You on probation or parole?

            You have pig flu, by chance?

            So far, only one person has had the ba**s to answer with...

            Well now I do...pssst.
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            Hailstones fell and the earth did mourn
            It was a solem day for all Airborne
            June 2001 will be
            A tragic piece of RANGER history
            Time stood still on that cursed day
            Cuz legs were donning black berets


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