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lol My husband's boss again


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  • lol My husband's boss again

    My H got an answering machine just for his business line. His recording says, "I'm sorry. I work between 8 to 5 pm, not before or after. And please do not call my personal line. Thank you and have a good day." LOL!
    ANd this was put on the answering machine because of my post below...."My husband's boss is a....."
    You know, the a****** worked him from 8 in the morning til 11 at night when he was training him and my H said nothing because he needs the job so bad. But, whne he docked him a half a day for taking an hour off form personal reasons, he had to hold ME back, I went so balistic.
    So, he is job hunting again but keeping this one until he finds another one.
    WHY are people so d*** mean?

    [ 06-09-2002: Message edited by: Mitzi ]

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    Shoot, at least he admits he works. I came back from an emergency vacation so to speak to find the department i manage trashed and nobody did anyhting while i was gone. I manage the non foods section in a a kroger store and i swear the stuff i ordered last week is what actually got on the shelves this morning. Talk about incompetent! Then my boss comes up to ask how my mom was doing and i discreetly mentioned i did not wish to talk about it because it makes me cry and she continues on and on. I just wanted tochoke her. Not only does she not respect my wishes she couldn't even get her employees to do my job while i was away. Talk about added stress. I have an audit in the morning. The bright side is if my department fails she gets suspended being the main manager of the store. Then one of the girls who works with me mentioned that the boss lady was taking a leave in the early months of her pregnancy, Talk about "How convienent" She must have the philosophy "Get out while you still can keep your job." This is the same witch who refused me the managment position because she didn't want to waste her time on someone who wanted to be a cop instead of working in a grocery store thier whole life. Come to find out her brother took the same test i did and he failed. So now she is anti-cop. Like its my fault i tried harder and passed.
    "To each his own"


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      Well, when you are a cop, just remember her car and license plate #


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        Mitzi. you sure have an interesting life, neighbors.etc. Good Luck.
        Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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