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Family Says 911 Tape Caught Cops Planning Cover-Up After Shooting


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  • Family Says 911 Tape Caught Cops Planning Cover-Up After Shooting


    A homeowner says a Phoenix police officer shot him six times in the back during a 911 home-invasion call, and the 911 tape recorded the officer's partner saying, "That's all right. Don't worry about it. I got your back. ... We clear?" The family says the officers were not aware that the 911 call was still recording as they spoke about covering up the shooting.

    In their complaint in Maricopa County Court, Anthony and Lesley Arambula say an armed intruder "crashed through the front window" of their home on Sept. 17, 2008 and ran into one of their son's bedrooms.

    Anthony, worried about his son who was still in his bedroom, says he "held the intruder calmly at gunpoint" and called 911.

    Phoenix Police officers already in the neighborhood heard the crash of the Arambulas' window. When they approached the house, Lesley says, she told Sgt. Sean Coutts that her husband was inside holding the intruder at gunpoint. Lesley says Coutts failed to pass on that information to the two other officers.

    Inside the house, the Arambulas say, Officer Brian Lilly shot Anthony six times in the back while he was still on the phone with the 911 operator - twice when he was on the ground.
    The officers ran into the bedroom after Anthony told them, "You just killed ... you just killed the homeowner. The bad guy is in there."

    The complaint states that Officer Lilly "admitted that it was only after Tony was laying, bullet-ridden, on the ground that he assessed the situation. The 911 tape continued to record what happened even after Officer Lilly unloaded his weapon into Tony, including Officer Lilly's post-shooting, one-word 'assessment': '****.'

    "Tony believed he was going to die; the 911 tape records his plaintive goodbye to his family: '... I love you ... I love you.' Then Tony made what he believed was a dying request to the officers; he did not want his young family to see him shot and bloodied. Officers callously ignored his request and painfully dragged Tony by his injured leg, through the home and out to his backyard patio, where they left him bloodied and shot right in front of Lesley, Matthew and Zachary."

    The Arambulas say the officers later dragged Anthony onto gravel, then put him on top of the hot hood of a squad car, and "drove the squad car down the street with Tony lying on top, writing in pain."

    According to the complaint, Lilly can be heard on the 911 tape telling Coutts, "We ****ed up."

    Lilly says on the tape that he did not know where Anthony's gun was when he shot him and that he "opened fire because he heard loud noises and saw someone who looked like he might be the 'Hispanic' male they were pursuing" before getting to the Arambulas' house, according to the complaint.

    The complaint states: "Sgt. Coutts knew that officers has just shot up and likely killed an innocent homeowner and the husband of Lesley, with whom he had spoken before entering the home, instead of the armed intruder. Sgt. Coutts was quick to commence the cover-up of their terrible mistake. Sgt. Coutts asked Office Lilly where Tony's gun was at the time Officer Lilly had opened fire on Tony. Officer Lilly admitted that he did not know where Tony's gun was: 'I don't know. I heard screaming and I fired.'"

    Lilly later told a police internal affairs investigator that Anthony had pointed his gun in his direction, "in the 'ready' position," the complaint states. But Anthony Arambula says he was facing away from the officers, who could not have even seen his gun.

    The complaint continues: "Still not knowing that he is being recorded n the 911 tape, Sgt. Coutts interrupted Officer Lilly's admission and apology with his assurance that the cover-up would commence: 'That's all right. Don't worry about it. I got your back. ... We clear?'"

    After the shooting, the Arambulas say, the Phoenix Police Department treated them "like suspects in a drug bust," denying Lesley, Michael and Zachary information about Anthony's condition and denying friends and family members access to him at the hospital.
    Anthony Arambula survived, but continues to suffer pain, which he expects will last for the rest of his life.

    The City of Phoenix and Officer Dzenan Ahmetovic also are named as defendants.

    The Arambulas seek punitive damages for gross negligence, civil rights violations, failure to supervise, excessive force, deliberate indifference to medical needs, false arrest, and emotional distress. They are represented by Michael Manning with son Morrison Hecker.
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    He was shot 6 times at close range and lived? That guy must secretly be the Hulk. As for the officer's actions, someone's in deep doo doo.


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      That is bad. Unfortunately now,the whole department (fellow officer's) will have to deal with the ramifications from these two Geniuses..

      There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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        If true, put them in the big house. It is one thing to make a mistake, it is something else to cover up and LIE.

        I do not feel for them at all. Anyone who does that is no brother of mine.
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          Under a canopy of elegant Italian pines, the foundations of a mini Roman Coliseum are at once unmistakable and exhilarating.
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            Unfortunetely this article doesn't state that the Officers were in foot pursuit of the bad guy...who suppossedly had a gun....the bad guy jumps from the backyard into the victim's yard and dive's through a window...the Officers hear this while they're chasing him and the homeowners wife runs out of the house screaming that he was inside and her husband was still in there....there was no're getting this coverup information from the media and the family's lawyers....I was out there that night...the Officer that shot the homeowner did in fact say that he had "F**ked" up after finding out he had shot the homeowner....wouldn't you?? The homeonwer was dragged out of the house because the badguy was still inside and they wanted to get him out so that he could get some medical treatment for his injuries...safest way out of the house was into the backyard....he was put into the backseat of a patrol car not he hood and then driven down the block so that Fire could treat him.


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              If the article didn't say that they were planning a coverup, and all it gave is the things that he said, the thought of a coverup would not have entered anyone's head. Guess what, if I shot a homeowner I'd say I f***ed up too. "I got your back" is a coverup? No, it sounds more like a good supervisor telling his officer, who was I'm sure panicking quite a bit at the time, that everything was going to be ok.


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                Oh, and to add, yes there will be a pretty big lawsuit, yes the department will pay out... but again... coverup? I don't see it.


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                  Remember, this is a summary of a civil complaint, which only presents part of the story -- those parts that are most favorable to the plaintiff.
                  Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. -- Aldous Huxley
                  Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. -- Albert Einstein


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                    Phoenix PD has a big lawsuit coming. The victims/homeowners have a large paycheck coming. The officers should have owned up to their mistake instead of lying and discrediting themselves. Now, because they lied, they will face more consequences than as if they had made the mistake and took responsibility. However, there is really no conclusive evidence that will hold up in court that they were planning a cover-up; they particularly lied, however, I do not see grounds for a "cover-up" God bless the man who got shot six times, I guess it wasn't his time to go yet. In any event, it is all about taking responsibility for ones actions. Does anyone know how long the two officers been with the agency?
                    "Abandon your animosities and make your sons Americans." - Robert E. Lee, 1865


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                      I like how everyone is soo quick to pass judgement with out knowing all the facts!
                      We ride for those who died!

                      RIP SgtCHP!


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                        There is always more then one side to a story.


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                          Originally posted by nasa808 View Post
                          I like how everyone is soo quick to pass judgement with out knowing all the facts!
                          I personally do not know all the facts; nor does anyone else outside the investigation. My opinions represent my thoughts from reading the article. All facts will be represented in the conclusion of the pending investigation.
                          "Abandon your animosities and make your sons Americans." - Robert E. Lee, 1865


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                            Theres nothing wrong with throwing officers under the bus after only reading an ignorant, slanted, ratings driven news article....ohh wait yeah there is.
                            Originally posted by ISPY4U2
                            I'd have pooped myself.
                            "But Officer, it's not my butthole. Really, it's my cousins butthole."



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                              Officer cleared by Phoenix police board in homeowner shooting

                              A Phoenix police officer who mistakenly shot an armed homeowner during a search for an intruder was cleared of wrongdoing this week by a committee that reviews such shootings.

                              The ruling by the Phoenix Use of Force Board determined Officer Brian Lilly acted within police policy in the incident, in which he fired six shots at the homeowner amid the confusion of a home invasion last September.

                              The shooting hospitalized homeowner Tony Arambula, who earlier this year sought a $5.75 million settlement in the case.

                              Lilly and Phoenix Sgt. Sean Coutts were named in a lawsuit filed last week in Maricopa County Superior Court.

                              Arambula, 36, was armed and holding a suspect at bay when he suffered gunshot wounds to his back and arm, according to the complaint.

                              Arambula claimed Lilly shot him twice as he lay bleeding on the floor of his living room, his wife and two young sons nearby.

                              The suspect, Angel Anastacio Canales, had broken into Arambula's home near 32nd Street and Thomas Road as officers tracked him from a "shots-fired" call in the area.

                              Arambula had the gunman cornered in his 12-year-old son's room when the officer opened fire.

                              "This is the type of thing that so severely demeans the credibility of these (police) review boards," said Michael Manning, the attorney representing Arambula.

                              "Physically, it would have been impossible for (Lilly) to see Tony's face or the gun," he said. "They admit on the 911 call that they didn't warn him."

                              Officer Jerry Gannon, Lilly's representative from the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, said it took less than one minute from when officers entered the home searching for a Hispanic male suspect to the when Lilly reacted to seeing Arambula holding a gun.

                              Gannon and other members of the organization's board said the shooting was difficult to avoid, considering the fluidity of the emergency scene.

                              "If Brian would have known there was a homeowner in there, he probably would have hesitated," Gannon said, "but if he had hesitated, and it was the (suspect), the outcome could have been tragic."

                              Phoenix Public Safety Manager Jack Harris will review the Use of Force Board's ruling and make an official determination on Lilly's shooting.

                              Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. -- Aldous Huxley
                              Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. -- Albert Einstein


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