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Mistaken, but trying hard


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  • Mistaken, but trying hard

    This might turn out to be the least silly call any agency gets because of the iWATCH program.
    Among the indicators:
    _If you smell chemicals or other fumes.
    _If you see someone wearing clothes that are too big and too heavy for the season.
    _If you see strangers asking about building security.
    _If you see someone purchasing supplies or equipment that could be used to make bombs.
    From the 10/02/09 edition of the Maine DPS COMMUNICATOR:
    "A Vietnam veteran from New Hampshire recently contacted Trooper Tim Marks because he was concerned about an item advertised in Uncle Henry’s*. The ad from someone in Chelsea was looking for a 'field bomb' and the veteran thought it meant explosives. Marks explained that a field bomb is a Maine term for a junked car that might still be operative off the road."

    Oh, well; better a few unfounded "good intent" reports than a bunch of people standing around watching a building burn down because everyone thinks "somebody else must have called the fire department by now."

    *Uncle Henry's Swap or Sell it Guide, also a weekly publication sold in just about every store in the state. I think it hits the shelves on Wednesdays. Note: if you list anything in there as "free," expect to have your phone ringing off the hook, starting at around 0600 on the day the edition with your ad lands in the stores.
    Capital Punishment means never having to say "you again?"

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    Agreed, certain calls seem trivial until it hits the fan


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