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    Hi, We are trying to get some thoughts on shift schedules...

    We are currently on a 4 on/4 off rotation but the city is concerned with too much overtime. The change is inevitable, but we are trying to make the best of the change since the LT. is allowing us a say. We currently work 10 hr. shifts and they do not want to go to 12's. So bottom line is ...we need 80 hours every 14 days and a two shift rotation.... we can have some days overlap.

    I would appreciate any feedback!

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    I would recommend posting in LE General Topics.
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        Just do an 84 hour pay period working 12's. No OT for the extra 4.

        Works well at my SO. Sure you're working an extra 4 hours but you get more days off.

        With the 12's you get more done in a shift and generally can avoid the OT.

        If the overtime is so bad maybe another officer is needed. You may actually save money annually with another FT position then paying a couple of guys OT over the course of a year. Perhaps a PT even, just to help cover the busy times when OT is likely to crop up.


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          We do the same thing...4 days on 4 days off....12 hour shifts. Man I love my 4 days off.


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            In order to use the Pitman Schedule, the organization must be able to have four separate shifts or squads. The squad could be just one person such as a dispatcher.

            Below is a sample Pitman Schedule for a four-squad organization. The 1's represent the first shift from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. The 2's represent the second shift from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. The O's represent days off from work.

            Sample Pitman Schedule
            S M T W T F S S M T W R F S
            Squad 1 1 1 O O 1 1 1 O O 1 1 O O O
            Squad 2 2 2 O O 2 2 2 O O 2 2 O O O
            Squad 3 O O 1 1 O O O 1 1 O O 1 1 1
            Squad 4 O O 2 2 O O O 2 2 O O 2 2 2

            As you can see, it is a rather simple schedule. As with any schedule, there are pro's and con's to the Pitman.

            Advantages of the Pitman Schedule
            Employees only work approximately 15 days per month or 182 days per year

            Employees have a three-day weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) off every other week

            The shorter workweek means more vacation time. To have seven consecutive days off, an employee only needs to use two vacation days

            Because the Pitman Schedule will result in 2,184 hours worked in a calendar year instead of the normal 2080 required work hours, employees will begin each year with approximately 104 personal or comp hours owed to them at the beginning of each year. This comes out to just under nine more days off in addition to the contracted vacation, personal, sick and other leave

            Many organizations report that sick time has gone down as a result of implementing the Pitman Schedule

            Many organizations report improved employee morale as a result of implementing the Pitman Schedule

            Disadvantages of the Pitman Schedule
            12-hour days are long work days
            If the schedule is used with rotating shifts instead of permanent shifts, it can be strenuous on employees
            May not be agreeable with older employees
            Public transportation and day care (where applicable) can become an issue
            The Pitman Schedule is radical departure from the traditional nine-to-five workweek. Implementing such a schedule should be done with the employees and not as a surprise. If done correctly, it can be one of those issues that makes just about everyone happy.
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