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Another police wannabe strikes yet again


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  • Another police wannabe strikes yet again

    Robbery Victim Claimed He Was NYPD Officer

    NEW YORK, NY – A Manhattan man who claimed he was a New York City police officer after he reported getting robbed outside a West Hempstead nightclub turned out to be a former auxiliary police officer, Nassau Police said Monday.

    Latron Washington, of 4 E. 107th St., was charged with impersonating a police officer after he was found by Nassau police handcuffed to a second man early Sunday morning outside the Tabu nightclub at 514 Hempstead Tpke., police said.

    Washington, 33, who was wearing a bulletproof vest and a duty belt with an empty gun holster, told police he was an off-duty New York City Transit officer, Det. Sgt. Kevin Catalani said. Washington said he was robbed of his police badge and identification card, but he could not tell police his shield number, Catalani said.

    “It was obvious he was not, in fact, a police officer,” Catalani said.
    New York City Policing

    Police found a stun gun resembling a set of brass knuckles inside Washington’s jacket pocket, Catalani said. A search of Washington’s car turned up an NYPD duty jacket and uniform shirt, police said.

    Washington was also charged with possessing a dangerous weapon. He did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

    Police searching the area near the nightclub found Washington’s cell phone and wallet – and a New York City auxiliary police identification card bearing Washington’s name and photograph, Catalani said.

    The card had rubber bands and black electrical tape covering the word “auxiliary,” Catalani said. He said it was not known why Washington was no longer an auxiliary officer.

    The man handcuffed to Washington, who was not identified by police, is cooperating with the investigation, Catalani said. The robbery remains under investigation, he said.

    Nassau police are contacting New York City police to determine where Washington obtained the police uniform shirt and jacket, Catalani said.

    Washington’s car has vanity plates reading “THE LAW,” Catalani said. Records indicate Washington pleaded guilty in 2002 to driving without a license. He was fined $50.

    He was released on an appearance ticket and is due to appear at a later date in First District Court in Hempstead.
    Source: Polie Link:

    Now seriously what next? Too bad he wasn't aux officer anymore he could had AUXILIARY taped over on his patrol car...

    The banner in the middle of the story was also kinda funny:
    * Group: New York City Police
    * Group: NYPD Officers
    * Group: NYPD MOS Only
    * Group: NYPD Auxiliary
    * Police Jobs in New York
    * Become a Cop

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    Good grief.....these people should just apply somewhere.
    Sworn on September 22, 2010


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      Originally posted by AlmostaLEO
      Good grief.....these people should just apply somewhere.
      Agreed. If he wants to be an LEO that bad, he just needs to go through the process like everyone else. Now, he will most likely have a felony on his record. No good.
      "Abandon your animosities and make your sons Americans." - Robert E. Lee, 1865


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        So he faked a robbery and arrested someone, and then called the cops;
        where he was the only one taken to jail? classic.


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          Washington’s car has vanity plates reading “THE LAW"
          This is the icing on the cake of stupidity for me...


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            Is this instruction good advice?

            If you are a woman driving alone after dark in a deserted area, and you are pulled over by a police vehicle that strikes you as suspicious, keep your car locked and windows rolled up and ask the officer to follow you to a lighted, more populated area. Or use your cell phone to call 911 to verify that you are not the victim of police impersonation.

            I mean what would you do? First the person would not roll down the windows and the doors are locked. Then the woman shouts "FOLLOW ME!" and drives off!


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              A Long Island man was sentenced last month for running a virtual one-man police department, complete with a car with sirens and a fake police station where he handcuffed his victims to a chair.

              How do you build a fake police station?


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                Originally posted by JAR_fin
                Is this instruction good advice?


                I mean what would you do? First the person would not roll down the windows and the doors are locked. Then the woman shouts "FOLLOW ME!" and drives off!
                It is pretty good advice. Obviously women have to use their head. If there is a giant lightbar on top of the car and the guy comes up wearing a full uniform... it's pretty safe to assume it's a cop. However, if you're on a dark and lonely highway and you're being stopped by an unmarked car, there's nothing wrong with slowing down, turning on your hazards, and calling 911 to make sure it is a real cop. Cops who work in desolate areas and drive unmarked cars (by the way... there aren't a whole lot of unmarked cars doing traffic enforcement on dark and lonely highways in the middle of the night), know that it may take a bit to get the person stopped.


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