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Traffic accident.


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  • Traffic accident.

    My sister was just hit from behind at a stop light. It caused a three car accident (rear car hits middle car hits front car. The front car fled, her car (big suv) was damaged bad ($10,000) the cause of the accident was a small pick up that looks totaled. My sister saw the two in the rear car switch places. The guy who she saw driving became unresponsive. He was bleeding bad from a mouth wound. My sister when to call 911 and the female passenger said, "No don't call he does not have insurance and I don't know what he took, you know how these things go"! She was thinking it was auto, but it turned out to be medical. Traffic showed up, called fire, fire called transport. The guy my sister saw driving was bad off. All insurance was ran on site and traffic and the emts looked over the car and could not determine who was driving at the time.

    They were insured, when my sister called it in she found out her hubby had let it lapse. In Louisiana if you are not insured even if you are not at fault you have to pay the first $10,000 of any damage. Unless it's a DUI...

    His driving was erratic before the crash.
    They switched positions.
    "No don't call he does not have insurance and I don't know what he took, you know how these things go"!
    No charges.

    Have to show DUI on the injured (driver), and the driver switch.

    What now?

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    Might want to ask it in this forum:



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      Moved to ask a cop.


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        I was going to say, thats why its so important to have insurance; Full coverage is even better yet. If I'm understanding your situation, no one has insurance. Is that correct? If thats the case, everyone is s**t out-of-luck. Only thing you can do is sue the other person civily..


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          The first stationary car at the light fled.
          The second stationary car had insurance lapse a week ago.
          The third car was doing between 35-40 mph in a school zone, switched drivers, the owner of the car had insurance (not involved), and is suspect of dui which makes the insurance company liable in La.


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            If you have insurance, any good insurance company will go after someone. Your insurance company will expect the other party to take care of any damages, expenses etc.. Again, any good insurance company will take care of everything, as long as you have the proper coverage. If you dont have insurance and you're looking to get compensated..$$$ You have to do the leg work yourself and go after them.


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