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Your mother was right all along.........


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  • Your mother was right all along.........

    Mothers all across the US were vindicated this week when their frequent warning was proven to be true: You'll put someone's eye out". The part she forgot to mention was landing in jail afterwards.

    "Jeffrey Figueroa, who made national headlines after he was convicted of two felonies for injuring a 14-year-old boy with the speedy spitball, was ordered to spend a spend a total of one week in juvenile detention -- logged on weekends.

    "These kids aren't going to get into any trouble. We're going to keep them in the house," Jeffrey's father, Steve Figueroa, told reporters after the hearing, which also saw Jeffrey's 14-year-old brother given a slightly lesser sentence for egging Jeffrey on in the spitball incident.

    In addition to their time in juvenile detention, both boys were ordered to attend anger management classes, told to obey a 7 p.m. curfew as part of home probation and instructed to undergo counseling.

    They will both also be required to perform up to 150 hours of community service at a local eye bank.

    Figueroa admitted that he shot the spitball -- a gum wrapper moistened with saliva -- on the first day of school last September at a middle school in the San Francisco suburb of Walnut Creek, California.

    While Figueroa said he was not aiming at anybody in particular, the spitball hit a 14-year-old boy in the right eye, requiring a trip to the hospital and surgery.

    Last month Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Araceli Ramirez found Jeffrey guilty of battery causing serious bodily injury and mayhem, both felonies. His brother was found guilty on a lesser charge."

    The rest of the story is here:

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    Do you think the little rascal should have been charged with a felony?


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      At first I thought it was ridiculous. After all, how many of us had not shot spitballs when we were boys? It is certainly tragic what happened to the victim and I feel for him and his family. Initially, I thought this was a matter that should have been left in the civil arena. It was hard to imagine any criminal intent with shooting a spitball. Yesterday though, I ws hearing more about the "shooter" and his brother and the boys may need a wakeup call.
      Bill R


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        I guess he was lucky in a sense that it was not the paperclip via rubber band shot at him. The injury would have been worse.
        " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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          I guess this is what's next...?

          Local Youth paralyzed after Atomic Wedgie Goes Bad Wrong.
          Story By Mem Ba Backwin

          [i]Futof DaLooms, a 13-year-old male, has been hospitalized after sustaining major injuries following an atomic wedgie attack. The wedgie, prearranged by his older brother Haines, a jock on the local football team and boxer, was brief. Haines was ordered by a local judge to serve 200 community service hours helping the school band,


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            Darn it man! I thought you were cool 'til you admited writing that horrid story!


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              Give credit where its due.. lol


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                i can remember shooting spitballs through a straw when I was bored, but that was usually at the blackboard or dry erase board, until the Sgt caught me ... but to watch on the news how this kid took the gum wrapper (the foil kind) and twist it around his finger to bring the tip to a sharp point ... well, that's beyond the traditional "spitball." I think considering the damage done, he got lucky ... but, who knows what civil settlement may come of this.
                I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather ... not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.


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                  One of our part-timers eight year old son just got suspended for the remainder of the school year for inhaling helium from a party ballon to change his voice.

                  Principal said the kid was teaching others substance abuse


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                    I am an opponent of much of the zero-tolerance attitude such as the example provided by JRT6. This incident and these boys are not, in my opinion, victims of the zero-tolerance wave striking our schools. As a matter of fact I know the police were not called in by the school but instead by the victim's mother after the extent of the injury was discovered.

                    Further info on what Bill R. was alluding to was in our local paper yesterday. Both little weasals are apperantly the school bullies and neighborhood hooligans. Mommy and daddy have been all over the news trying to characterize the incident as a "Boys will boys" incident that deserves no punishment at all. They've not only been on the local news but they also took the spitballer to the Today Show where he was interviewed by Katie Curic (sp?).

                    In California if the juvenile is not sentenced to California Youth Authority (prison for minors) then there is little difference between felonies and misdemeanors. The beauty of the felony in this cases is that the boys will be required to report to a probation officer for a longer period of time than would occur with a misdemeanor.

                    Kudos to the judge who in addition to sentencing the boys also ordered the parents to attend parenting clasess.

                    Read about the sentencing here that details what little hooligans the kids are:
                    If you see me running try to keep up!


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                      "i can remember shooting spitballs through a straw when I was bored, but that was usually at the blackboard or dry erase board, until the Sgt caught me

                      The Sergeant! I fully expected this to be a description of your juvenile exploits, until I read that part!


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                        I fully expect that most times these boys did not really intend to hurt a soul. But being a mother i found it dificult not to instill the fear of God in my boys. First incident was with my nephew. My boys used to watch wrestling alot. So one day they decide it might be cool to copy some moves from the people they think are heros. They took my nephew by the arms and legs and tryed to throw him up on the bed by each grabbing a leg and arm. Well they missed and damn near broke his nose on the side of the bed. Well this was the last straw. So i took each of them aside and calmly explained that everytime they think they want to "Just have fun" Stand there a moment and think of all the things bad that can happen by thier actions. Then i simply told them you will never have fun again but at least you wont accidentely kill or hurt someone very badly. Since then i have had no more incidents that have hurt either them or my nephew. And i didnt even have to put the smack down on them.
                        "To each his own"


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                          Speaking of swords(see news story)one time for a Romeo and Juliet play, I asked several students to bring "foil swords" to school.

                          Since we were in a very rural area, they brought "swords" to school on the school bus.

                          I had some heavy "splain'in to do, when 8 students got off the bus with REAL swords in hand. Their dads had been to war, you see, and brought home souvenirs.

                          So kids told parents, "Well, my teacher wanted me to bring a sword to school, so can I, huh, can I?"

                          And yes, they had been practicing their "duel" scenes on the bus. Ouch!

                          Some pretty neat swords to see, if I do say so myself. Ornate, decorated, engraved, with some beautiful craftsmanship.

                          No, I didn't get arrested for contributing to the delinquency of minors, but still am amazed nothing terrible happened. (And yes, this was "Before.")


                          [ 06-09-2002: Message edited by: Friday ]


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