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The Horrors of Halloween


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  • The Horrors of Halloween

    Is it me or does Halloween seem to have more DUIs and nuisances calls than New Years and Labor Day combined?

    Given that we are nearing that point in the year, any fun war stories from working Halloween?
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    Yes, because EVERYONE over the age of 10 gets in on the mischief....
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    but the righteous are bold as a lion"

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      I would imagine this year ought to be extra special...being that Halloween is on a Saturday.


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        I love whores on halloween


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          Yeah, Haloween brings out he worse of people.
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            Ugh it's miserable on the dispatching/call taking side too. We usually have a couple cars set up to take all the 'strong arm robberies' and 'criminal damage in progress' calls.

            I think it's a different attitude in the more affluent neigborhoods that I work for now. When I was a kid, we stayed out ALLL night, and silly string, tp, eggs, etc were part of the holiday. People knew what would happen if they didn't leave candy out.

            Of course when I was a kid we didn't punch each other in the face and take someone's bike with their candy.

            In the dispatch room, it's tied for worst day with 4th of July.
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              Originally posted by mikeymedic View Post
              I love whores on halloween
              That's the first thing that came to my mind after seeing the title of this thread haha
              ...Did you call the Boys in Blue or the Man in Tan?


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