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    Just another question to the outside field!

    I was wondering what color lights i could put on my car. From what ive found out, explorers can have ambers and clear, in a limited fasion. Anything else would have to be by a permit only. Anyone else have information on this? Thanks
    Exploring, The Bright Future of Law Enforcement!

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    Pat, I have no idea what CT laws are on this. But I've got a couple of ideas here.

    1) This should have been posted in Ask a Cop.

    2) From your posts, I would say you are headed straight for trouble.

    Let me expound on #2. You are NOT a cop. Stop trying to make your car up so that it looks like or so that you can act like one. The excitement you crave, may just find you in a situation where you are gonna get hurt, or worse still get a real cop hurt.

    I don't like to come down on you here, but I have seen this before. You are young, eager and probably have your heart in the right place. But you are going to step on your pee-pee so damn hard that it could prevent you from EVER getting sworn in.

    Wait until you become a cop for this stuff. As an explorer, you have no business doing any LE related stuff if you are not under direct supervision of an officer, or on a detail that you have been assigned by your department. You certainly have no valid reason to have emergency equipment in your car.

    Man I can't think of a quicker way of ending your time as an explorer, and screwing yourself up on down the line to be a copper. I AM speaking from experience here, as I had to give one of my explorers the boot for this same type of activity many years ago.

    Be content to be a kid, to be an explorer and to be learning and doing what you are SUPPOSED to be doing. Don't try to take on the whole world here when you are totally unprepaired to do it.

    [ 06-07-2002: Message edited by: Don ]
    6P1 (retired)


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      fpde279, What Don said plus you'll look like a dweeb!
      Bill R


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        Thanks for the advice, the lights are only for use in a traffic control situation. Thanks for giving me advice on where to post! Im still new here
        Exploring, The Bright Future of Law Enforcement!


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          I'm just curious -- if you aren't a cop, what would you need lights for?
          Dance like no one's watching -- Sing like no one's listening, and work like you don't need the money.


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            Also i would give consent to have this topic moved to that section if it is so desired!
            Exploring, The Bright Future of Law Enforcement!


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              You know what..........

              I'm going to do you a favor and NOT help you get into more trouble. I'm locking this thread and telling you to go ask your local PD, since they will be the ones making the legal determination.

              Don has given you very good advice. I've seen it happen......guys that can't wait so they start a little "early". It screws them for life.


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