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College student kills intruder with sword


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  • College student kills intruder with sword

    From: Here

    A Johns Hopkins University student armed with a samurai sword killed an intruder in his garage, Baltimore police said Tuesday.

    Two laptops and a Sony PlayStation had been stolen by burglars Monday from the home, on University Parkway just blocks from the school, said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. Early Tuesday, one of the four Hopkins students who live in the home noticed the garage door was open and took a sword with him to investigate, Guglielmi said.

    In the garage, the student told police he discovered a man and when the student told the man to get out, the man accosted him, Guglielmi said. The student defended himself with the sword, cutting off the man's hand and causing a severe laceration to his upper body, he said.

    Campus security and an off-duty city officer responding to a call for a suspicious person in the area around 1:20 a.m. Tuesday heard screams to call police, Guglielmi said. The man died at the scene, but police are not yet releasing his name, he said.

    Michael Hughes, 43, who lives two doors down from the house where the slaying occurred, said he was getting ready for bed at around 1:30 a.m. when he heard screams from the rear of the home.

    "There was fear in the voice. I could tell someone was scared," Hughes said.

    Three young men were sitting on the front porch of the home around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. A police officer was standing in the doorway, and a single police car was parked nearby.

    The men refused to comment when approached by an Associated Press reporter.

    Behind the three-story brick rowhouse, a wooden fence was broken. There was a pool of blood in the brick courtyard between the back porch and the garage.

    Guglielmi said the man had been arrested on charges such as burglary several times before, and had been released Saturday from a Baltimore County jail.

    Police are interviewing the student and his roommates, and are talking to prosecutors about whether to file charges.

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    LOL. love it!

    Perhaps officers should qualify with and carry them too, lol.


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        wow. He did some Mortal Kombat S*** on that guy! "Finish him!"
        "Its not what you know, its what you can prove."-Training Day

        "Game on, bitches. Whoop whoop, flash the lights, pull it over."


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          "Get over here!!"


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            I love it!!!!
            John Q. Citizen

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              cutting off the man's hand and causing a severe laceration to his upper body, he said.
              I guess it wasn't a fake sword from a novelty shop
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                True, it doesn't sound like some display sword POS you can find at a flea-market.


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                  Originally posted by lpstopper View Post
                  wow. He did some Mortal Kombat S*** on that guy! "Finish him!"
                  "If the police have to come get you, they're bringing an @$$ kicking with them!"
                  -Chris Rock


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                    Originally posted by GangGreen712 View Post
                    Whoa! That's like a scene from a movie!
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                      Combat tomahawks.......


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                        Originally posted by Till View Post
                        True, it doesn't sound like some display sword POS you can find at a flea-market.
                        Hey, don't knock display swords. They are part of my Navy full dress uniforms, and are useful for cutting wedding cakes. Marines have them, too -- but they might actually know how to use the real ones.
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                          Good work!


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                            Way back in the 1980s, I remember reading a story in our local mullet wrapper about a martial arts expert who dispatched a burglar by using a Chinese throwing star!

                            It didn't kill the guy, but it sure halted his life of crime because he was seriously injured. (Those things are sharp & quite deadly in the right hands!)

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                            The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


                            "Ignorance on fire is hotter than knowledge on ice."


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                              This guy is awesome.

                              when he's done at med school he gets a free ride to Ninja school

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