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Netherlands moves away from MJ legalization


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  • Netherlands moves away from MJ legalization

    Drugs tourism: 'it's over' says Roosendaal
    Tuesday 15 September 2009

    The towns of Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom have made a comedy film to let French and Belgian cannabis smokers know that they can no longer buy drugs over the border in Holland.

    The border towns' so-called coffee shops (which sell cannabis) have been ordered to stop selling soft drugs from Wednesday because of the nuisance caused by drugs tourism. Each town has four coffee shops, serving some 25,000 drugs tourists a week.

    The film C'est fini follows three Flemish lads attempting to buy a joint in the Netherlands.

    Tourism prompts cannabis cafe closure
    Thursday 23 October 2008

    The towns of Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom on the Dutch-Belgian border are to close down all the cafes which sell marijuana because of the problems being caused by drug tourists, reports the NRC on Thursday.

    The paper says every week 25,500 French and Belgian nationals flock to the towns to buy marijuana from their eight so-called coffee shops.

    The influx of tourists is causing traffic congestion, petty crime and street dealing, and all efforts to reduce the nuisance have failed, the paper quotes local officials as saying.

    Official Dutch drugs policy means users can have up to five grammes of marijuana without being prosecuted. Coffee shops can have up to 500 grammes in stock.

    The two town councils say they have no plans to compensate coffee shop owners for the loss of business. 'They should be happy we have tolerated them for so long,' Roosendaal mayor Michel Marijnen told the paper.

    The border crack down is the latest in a string of extra controls being placed on the thriving Dutch marijuana trade.

    The cabinet is already looking at ways to reduce drugs tourism following complaints from Belgium and Germany. And in March, health minister Ab Klink agreed to carry out a 30-year review of Holland's liberal drugs policy following concerns from MPs.

    Amsterdam and Rotterdam have also taken steps to reduce the number of coffee shops close to schools.
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