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What is "Code Enforcement"?


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  • What is "Code Enforcement"?

    Ok, I just want to start by clarifying that I'm not starting this thread to bash anyone, or their jobs. I'm just a little confused.

    Here's my backstory / situation....

    I work Security for a neighborhood that has been condemned by the EPA because of ground contamination, all the roads are still public and open, since they have not started cleanup in the neighborhood yet, they are still cleaning the main site across the street.

    Obviously, our biggest problems are people breaking into houses to sleep or steal copper, and people dumping their trash.

    Most Dumpers come the times we are on duty, and take enough time doing what they do, that we find them before they take off, and we have gotten a many people arrested for dumping out there.

    now, I've had two different incidents out here, that have left my really confused....

    One day, I come around to one of the more hidden areas, and find that someone has dumped a large pile of all kinds of boxes full of trash.... all the boxes and some of the trash all had the same name and address on them.

    I just wrote it all down, and called the local SO, the Deputy told me "It's not my job, call Code Enforcement" and left... So the next day, I come in early, to report this incident and the following problem to Code Enforcement and was told "we'll be out there in the next day or two to look at the problem."

    The second issue had been ongoing, we had someone dumping tires, and I don't mean just one or two... I mean at least 20 - 30 tires every time. Up until this became an everyday thing, we had tried to handle this ourselves and find the guy, no luck.

    We reached out to the local SO for some help, at this point the amount of tires were around 2 or 3 hundred. We were told "That's not our Job, call Code Enforcement"

    Well, 5 days and 200 some-odd tires later, Code Enforcement finally got up with me, and after discussing the problem with them... .They looked at me like I was stupid, and then began the idea of fining the government, for not cleaning up the tires, and told me they don't investigate anything.

    I finally gave up on receiving any help on the local level.... I reached out to the FL DEP for some help... they finally came out, and spent 3 weeks with us, setting up cameras, etc.... and well about a month later, he dumped in front of one of the cameras, and was nailed.... about 800 tires total were dumped.

    I guess I'm just writing this because I'm a little confused, as to why I couldn't find anybody on the local level to investigate a large dumping problem? and what exact is "Code Enforcement" or "Environmental Protection" as they're called here, designed for?

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    Around here, code enforcement works on violations of city ordinances, like weeds too tall, excess refuse, failing to remove snow, parking on the grass, things like that. The citations are civil in nature, yet may result in court and a fine.
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      Here code enforcement will visit your business to ensure it meets fire codes and the building is structurally sound.
      Selling a house, code enforcement comes up and makes sure you have railings, proper groundings for electrical outlets (GFI) and all doors and windows function.
      Building an addition, they will make sure it's up to code. decks, the slats have to be 8 inches apart or something like that.


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        What the other guys have said re. code enforcement. Illegal dumping is a crime here, so the locals would take a report if for no other reason than to try and kick it to the EPA.


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          Originally posted by just joe
          What the other guys have said re. code enforcement. Illegal dumping is a crime here, so the locals would take a report if for no other reason than to try and kick it to the EPA.
          That's exactly what I thought, illegal dump is well, illegal, but the locals wouldn't even take a report, I just kept getting told to call code enforcement"

          our "Environmental Protection" Officers recently (about 6 months ago I think)
          used to be deputized but the sheriff yanked that from then, after a few not so nice incidents.... After that a lot of them don't seem to be to happy with their jobs


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            Here code enforcement officers (CEO's) are certified by the state and mostly deal with building codes an inspections. Some communites use them to enforce other local ordinances such as property maint. and business licensing. By statute a certified a CEO my issue a civil summons for violating state building / plumbing / electrical codes or local ordinances. If the CEO gets what is refered to as an 80K certifaction they are also allowed to represent the municipality in court for any violations that they issue.

            Illegal dumping would be dealt with by the PD where I work, the CEO would deal with messy yards, over flowing dumpsters ect.

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              We use both "Code Enforcement Officers" and "Community Service Officers" here. Depending on the department they can be the exact same job, different name. Basically the smaller departments out here will use CSO's or CEO's for anything police related that does not require sworn police powers. More often then not its parking enforcement, car accidents on private property that do not require a sworn officer, animal calls, local ordinance, ect... Some departments use them in a broader range and some use them much less.

              There are also towns and cities here that will have both, but CEO's will primarily deal with building code and general city ordinance regarding buisness's and residential homes.

              I have seen the titles interchanged. Usually when a town uses a CEO for building code and buisness code though it is a VERY high paying position and requires a higher degree and experience.


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