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  • Interactive Nuclear Explosion Mapping Site

    Here is a site that lets you see the effects of a nuclear explosion near you.

    web page


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    No, that site is a total bogus game. Although the results that are shown are going to be accurate, it treats the subject way too lightly.

    The numbers of dead will be in the millions even with the small rounds. The largest will result in a staggering number. The instantly dead will be a mercy; the thousands badly injured will not have access to medical treatment and will die off.

    States 1,000 miles distant will have their water supplies damaged, produce in the fields contaminated and babies dying of cancer.

    This is such a critical event, and could very well happen within the next 3 months between Pakistan and India, spilling over into this country, that I am puzzled as to why the major news stations are not reporting the subject.

    Why isn't the news people discussing this?

    Jim Burnes


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      There's always the BBC, Jim. They seem to be doing a better job than Mr. Fonda's networks.


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        Jim, do me afavor and tell me why you think we are going to be hit in the time frame you say. If you'd rather. email me or PM. I'm very curious. Also, where do you think it will happen?

        I'm prepared somewhat with supplies, food and water, but last night the gd cat ripped my water bladder and 200 gallons are slowly leaking out. Guess I need to replace it with drums like the rest of it is stored in. Dam cats.


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          I believe India when it says they are going to war against Pakistan. For India and Pakistan, it's just a matter of getting their forces aligned. Their supplies are now about 2 miles behind their front lines and setteled in.

          Pakistan and India both have their mobil missile launchers moving now, with their guard units spread out around them.

          Pakistan is outnumbered in land units which are going to be hurt the first few days, India air force will have to survive the many anti-air units which have been set up in the approaches to Pakistan over the mountains, and in depth on the plains.

          When the day comes that Pakistan sees it is going to be overrun, they will go to nuclear weapons, India will follow.

          The results of that exchange will be millions killed instantly, a few more million within a few months of starvation and injuries not treated.

          All that, for a few miles of stone and dirt.

          Both countries know that the monsoon season will arrive within the month, maybe month and a half. If India is to gain some advantage by taking out training camps and occuping better suited defensive positions for the future, the war must begin before the monsoon weather comes.


          I'm assuming both countries will use ground level impact nuclear weapons, which will create a vast amount of debris to rise to the jet stream, which will be moved eastward from Pakistan towards the west coast. What we will receive from that will be fine grained radioactive material. This is what is going to hurt us most, until we learn to have enough patience to wash off our food and boil the water. Every time.

          It's then we have to pull our armed forces in from overseas, and guard the borders like we never have before. Muslims extremists will use that war to try harder to gain entry here. If they can get just one nuclear round in, (and it would have come from Pakistan), America will lose at minimum a major city in total. And because that round will be at ground level, again we will have a massive amount of debris into the air stream, but this time most of it will fall onto our soil.

          Americans should know these things, the news should be reporting what to do to protect your families, to filter water, etc. But theres a vast silence. Maybe the numbers in human lives is too much to believe. Maybe the government officials, composed of fools, thinks we are cattle.

          BTW Mike, do you know a few ways to filter water?

          Jim Burnes


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            Yes Jim, I know how to make a charcoal filter. Don't know if that filters out radioactive stuff or not.

            Jim, I don't think the government is fools, I think they are people who long ago realized many people don't care what they do. Hence, they do what they can to use anything to remain in office and milk the tax money. They want what's best for them, and don't remember anymore what their job description is. I call it the Kennedy effect. What's right be damned! I must stay in power!

            Of course there are many others, besides uncle Ted.

            [ 06-06-2002: Message edited by: MikeTx ]


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              These things are being reported. Everything you've shared is open source. Even more so with the internet. No more searching for esoteric periodicals.

              What the media isn't doing is putting it all together for people, or even hiring talking heads to spoon feed it to everyone.

              Face it, (and you know it's true), most people would be thinking, "What's the weather got to do with it?"

              Most folks have no clue.

              I can't preach too bad though. I am guilty of not staying informed. I just plain don't have the time to search it all out. And I can't afford Jane's weekly or the plethora of other pubs that might be useful to keep up on world events.

              But here's an idea... how about a FREE website with stories and reports similar to what you have shared Jim, as well as preparedness info and stuff?

              If no one else is doing it, maybe we should do it??? Seriously, why not. I've even got a name picked out already.


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                Mike and Sparky,

                I agree regards setting up the website, by any name you have in mind. It could have links to the skills needed to filter water, find water and how to create different filters.

                Care and storing of different food items and a list of foods not to even try to eat.

                Care and treatment, butchering and cooking food animals. What parts to eat, which to bury.

                Types of fires, cautions on how to treat the gathered wood, the smoke, the ashes and how the ashes can be utilized as a water filter process.

                More than just a central repository for good links however, the site could have printable pages covering the above and more.

                The results could actually be of help to those citizens who are capable of thinking for themselves

                Jim Burnes


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                  Jim, the website idea sounds great! I'm sure I'll get flamed for this, but should we just go ahead and nuke them both? Would it be easier to contain that way?
                  Bill R


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                    Because if we hit India, that would draw in China. And they carry a big nuclear stick too. Pakistan would ignite the muslim world.

                    We actually face a side effect of such war called 'nuclear winter'. That's way too harsh on folks that love their SUVs and veggie diets.

                    Jim Burnes


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                      (shudder) As I've mentioned before, it's the fifties all over again. We were all sure the lid was going to blow off then too. Let us pray that people will be as restrained now, as they were back then.

                      However -

                      I think this website is not only a good idea, but a necessary one. How can I help?

                      It goes back to the old saying: Hope (pray) for the best, but Prepair for the worst.

                      [ 06-06-2002: Message edited by: Don ]
                      6P1 (retired)


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                        Jim and Mike you covered it all. Those links would sure be a good idea. We would have our own source of survival information.
                        Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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                          Alrighty then!

                          I can do the website (great, ANOTHER web site to maintain! )... I've got the software and I think that by the time I can get one designed, I'll have enough money to spring for the hosting.

                          I am willing to do it if I know that Jim, Mike, Don, and others are willing to begin putting info together for articles, sending links for other sites which are good sources of information.

                          Here's what I have in mind...

                          The website would feature basically two different things 1) timely inforamtion such as Jim mentioned with an angle towards interpretation of various factors. (intel) and 2) an archive of info as mentioned (preparedness).

                          Here are some article idea examples:

                          Filtering and storing water
                          Food storage and supply
                          first aid (ditch medicine)
                          how to make soap
                          how to cut hair
                          materials list for building a house and how to do it
                          short term back up power supplies
                          emergency communications
                          how to make clothing
                          how to re-establish local government
                          basic rescue and extrication

                          etc etc... you get the idea

                          One of the main things is that everything should have free reprint permission and everything should be printable. This way folks can be encouraged to print everything out so that if the power goes, or the EMP gets it, the info will still be out there in hundreds of places around the world.. for families and communities. Everything should be FREE... not a pay site!

                          my first question is this, what other web sites or sources of info are there like this out there? If there is already something similar, then why re-invent the wheel?

                          comments or suggestions?

                          [ 06-07-2002: Message edited by: Sparky ]


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                            Just from a very brief search, there already appears to be several good survival/preparedness sites out there. I didn't go over much of these sites, but at first glance, these are some that seemed to have some good info.







                            as far as what I am calling intel (for lack of a better term) I found these:
















                            EDITED AGAIN TO ADD THIS ONE>> http://www.globalsecurity.org

                            Q: With all of this out there, do we need to bring it all together? or what?

                            thoughts and ideas please!

                            [ 06-07-2002: Message edited by: Sparky ]

                            [ 06-07-2002: Message edited by: Sparky ]


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                              Give me two hours to read through this listing. Also, if you can provide the expertise to set up the website, I'll be happy to provide the links.

                              Jim Burnes


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