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  • Drive by journalism

    This about the topic in the officers only section. I spotted a problem with it, and I think it should be clarified.

    1. The family is upset about the police shooting a man who pointed a rifle at them.

    2. It was 'the family' who called the police.

    3. If you don't want to get your husband shot, don't call the police on him when he starts carrying a rifle and threateneg to use it.

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    First one of the bigbest reasons why policeman get killed or injured on domestic disputes. I could never understand, why you are riding around minding your own buisness, when suddenly a family member calls the police because of a situation they can't handle. You respond and it turns out bad like in this situation and the police are the first ones they want to blame. It's like we decided to drop in on their party. I'm done ranting.
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      When somebody figure it out, please explain it to me because I don't get it either.

      It's like they've seen too many tv shows or something and they really believe that the police can miraculously subdue any violent person without using any kind of force whatsoever - and be polite too. BAH!


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        It goes back to being responsible for your own actions. The family member that calls us, feels guilt over making the call. They probably also feel guilty because of the situation that lead up to the call.

        This type of person, will always "feel the guilt" but try to assuage that guilt by laying it off on someone else. One of the reasons we have so many lawsuits in this country.
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