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Advice for a "rookie"


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  • Advice for a "rookie"

    Hey Guys,
    Most of you know that I'm gonna be doing ride alongs pretty regularly this summer. If there's any advice that you would tell a rookie officer, if you don't mind passing it along to me I'd appreciate it. The last ride along I was out on I felt like I wasn't nearly as observant as I shoulda been. I mean, I thought I was being observant, but the officer would see all kinds of things that I hadn't noticed. How can I work on that?
    Any other advice you have...I appreciate it.
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    Always know where you are.

    Always address other officers as "sir" until you are told to knocked that academy **** off.

    Always check your holster when leaving the station.

    Always arrive at the station at least an hour early to make sure your equipment is ready, and your leather is shined. Any extra time should be spent at the FRONT of the roll call room reading up on your penal/vehicle code.

    Always keep your mouth shut when your FTO is BS'ing with the other guys.... don't try to be buddy buddy with everyone in the beginning, you're there to learn.

    Don't be afraid to 'engage'.

    When your FTO gives you the choice of eating in the car and do your reports or eat with him and the other guys in the back of the unit and BS.... stay in the car, eat and do your reports.

    Workout in the station gym so the guys can see you are not getting flubby...

    When talking on the radio, take the mic, key it, and count to 3 before you speak. Don't shout, just your normal talking voice.

    Last but not least, Be Safe...


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      Moving to Ask A Cop.


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