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Help!! I need a computer Guru..


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  • Help!! I need a computer Guru..

    I am in desperite need of someone that is familiar with computers and the internet. I keep getting logged off of the internet without notice. It just all of the sudden says "you have been logged off of the internet, you must reconnect" I use Juno, and I tried calling them, but got no human response. I tried the online help and followed the instructions they told me.
    1) I ran a virus check, came back clean.
    2) Ran a scan disk (through) to detect any problems, came back with no known problems.
    3) Upgraded my Juno version to the newest 5.0

    The only thing I haven't done that they said do was to change the settings in my modem. Well, not knowing much about computers, I don't know what to change them to..and why do I need to change them anyway? This problem just started the past couple of days and I haven't changed my modem configurations, do they change automatically?
    I am afraid to change internet carriers and go with AOL or someone. If I did, wouldn't I have to change my E-Mail address and start all over in this forum or would I still be able to log in under "shorty". I am getting disconnected every 5-10 minutes, the time varies.
    Sorry I am so dumb, they didn't offer computer stuff when I was in high school (we used typewriters) and I only had one college course in it.
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    I am afraid to change internet carriers and go with AOL or someone.
    AOL bites, shorty. I keep it only because my kids like it. I rarely sign on anymore because I have a cable modem, so when I want to yap, I usually just do the AOL IM or MSN.

    Wish I could help you in regards to your prob here (I STILL owe you a response on the question from the other day and I apologize - I'm working on it). I can almost bet someone here on the forum can help you.

    Good luck.


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      I'm sorry about your computer troubles. I don't really know what could be causing your problem, but I just wanted to tell you that AOHell is horrible. I have it and I'm constantly getting booted and having my computer lock up on me. I wouldn't advise switching to them. Their help desk is the all-time worst, too. You have a 1.6% chance of getting someone who speaks English.


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        Are you using Internet Explorer as your browser??

        Something to check is the auto disconnect feature.

        1. Click on start and go to Control Panel.
        2. Click on Modems.
        3. Click on the Properties box in the General tab.
        4. When Properties box opens click on Connection tab.
        5. In Call Preferences, check to see if the box is "checked" where it says "Disconnect a call if idle for more than "XX" minutes.

        It's probably not the problem but someone may have inadvertantly entered a idle disconnect time.
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          Originally posted by shorty:
          I use Juno,

          that's the problem. juno and netzero combined into united. they offer free internet so they have to keep a very tight leash on the bandwidth. if you are idle for a short period of time, their servers will log you off to make room for other users. if there is nothing being uploaded or downloaded for the length of time they specify (which is not much at all) then they will disconnect you.

          What if I need technical or customer support? How does Juno help me?

          Juno offers extensive free online support for technical and customer-related issues, accessible directly from our home page. You can also talk live to a Juno representative for $1.95 per minute.

          Are there usage-related constraints on the Juno free service?

          Juno's basic free service contains a number of usage limitations that may vary from user to user. These limitations, which may be changed from time to time, are based on a variety of factors including, without limitation, the version of Juno software being used to access the service, the telecommunications costs associated with the phone numbers being used to access the service and the amount of time and frequency of a user's web surfing. The effect of these limitations may be to impact a user's ability to connect or remain connected to the service or to restrict access to the service once a specified amount of usage is met during a period. These limitations may, in general, impact all usage relating to a specific member ID as well as all usage associated with common computers or phone lines. As such, creating additional accounts will not enable a user to avoid these limitations. These limitations currently do not impact a user's ability to access their email account, although another Internet access service may be required to access the email account and limitations on email access may be imposed in the future.

          Please be at your computer when you call and be prepared to provide your Member ID, the version of your Juno software, your operating system version (such as Windows 98), and any error messages you receive.

          *A per-minute rate of $1.95 will apply and appear on your telephone bill. You must be at least 18 years old or have a parent or guardian's permission to call.

          Call toll-free 1-800-470-5866, any time

          to avoid these problems, you're going to have to move up to cable or DSL.


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            Originally posted by p01ic3m4n: to avoid these problems, you're going to have to move up to cable or DSL.
            Actually if you're willing to put up with the slow speeds (and if you're using Juno, you already are), you won't need to fork up the $$$ for broadband; any dialup Internet Service Provider will do. Most are $20/month or less for unlimited surfing at 56k, which is far faster than Juno's free service. If you're not on the 'Net all of the time, many offer discounted plans with a limited number of hours per month. And none of those annoying pop-up ads

            Unless you're already using AOL, and just cannot bear the thought of dropping out of one of its in-house forums, I don't recommend them at all. For one thing, it's expensive ($25/month for unlimited 56k dialup, more for broadband). For another, because AOL is the single-biggest ISP in the country, during peak periods you'll often have trouble logging in, and even if you're lucky enough to do so you'll experience SLOW loading times

            As for finding an ISP, you can start with your local phone provider; most are also ISP's. You can also try nationwide providers like Earthlink or AT&T. If you visit a local computer shop sometimes they'll give away CD-ROMS from ISP's with limited free-trial offers; many computer magazines will often have these CD-ROM's attached somewhere. You can also visit Yahoo's home page and type in "Internet Service Provider" in the search field.

            When shopping for a plan, keep in mind that you get what you pay for, if you haven't realized this already. Free is of no good to you if you have to put up with snail-like page loading speeds, busy signals, dialup numbers which are NOT local, and per minute charges for technical support.

            Yes, you'll have to change your e-mail address, but it doesn't mean you'll have to start all over again here. After signing on here click on "My Profile" then "View/Update Profile" to change your desired e-mail address. Your "Registered" date and total number of posts remain the same.

            Just one warning: make sure you are actually able to retrieve e-mail from your new address, and that any kinks have already been worked out. By changing your e-mail address in the profile, invalidates your old password and sends you a new one to the new e-mail address (you can change it back to the old one if you wish). I found this out the hard way one night when I updated my profile (from work) with a new e-mail address. Problem was, I can't access that particular e-mail account from work (it's not web-based), so when I tried to log on to later, I couldn't. It's not until I got home, and found an e-mail with my new password, that I could log on again.

            Another thing that came to mind, but that nobody's mentioned yet: Do you have call-waiting? If so, if you are on the Internet and your modem isn't set up to enter the call-waiting disable code (it's *70 for my area) first, anytime someone tries to call you (even a telemarketer) the modem will disconnect.

            [ 09-03-2002, 10:54 AM: Message edited by: Sig220Man ]


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              As for ISP's, I've had Earthlink and had no problems with them. You might go to and check them out. They have reasonable dial-up rates besides dsl. You'll have to check to see if they servie your area.


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                Well, I don't know what kind of browser I use. I did check the "disconnect if idle for XX mins" and the box was not checked and no minute number was entered.

                And I do use Juno, but I pay for it (9.95 a month). I guess whoever said it was right, you get what you pay for. I didn't even know Juno offered free internet. I know I WILL NOT pay them almost $2.00 a min for their help, If they don't value their paying customers any more than that, then forget them, I am going to look into another carrier.I would like to get the one that doesn't dial up, you just click the icon and you're on the net. What is that called? Like I said, I am ignorant when it comes to computers.
                Someone mentioned the call waiting, I have it fixed to dial *70 to disenable call waiting when I connect to the net. So, that's not the problem either. I think it's just a generic service provider. Thanks for the help, and feel free to recommend a new provider.
                In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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                  If you're going to stick with dial-up, go with a local company. My parents have used a local company for years with excellent results- local tech support, faster speeds, etc. In fact, the phone lines in the semi-remote area where they live give them more internet problems than their service provider ever does.

                  If you want to experience the "real" internet, go up to broadband, but make sure you can afford it first...most people can't stand to go back to dial-up if they've had broadband. I haven't heard anything too bad about most providers, I use AT&T Broadband at home and I enjoy them most of the time.

                  One suggestion- go to a local video game store and ask the people there what they use- video game players are going to demand speed and reliability but they're also likely to not have tons of cash to fork over (or they'll at least be more demanding of a quality ISP if they do have to fork over big money).

                  Hope you get it sorted out, computers are enough to make you wanna throw the monitor out a window.
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                    "Well, I don't know what kind of browser I use."

                    If you look at the very top of your browser window it will say which one: Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape. There are others out there, but these are the two most common.

                    "I am going to look into another carrier.I would like to get the one that doesn't dial up, you just click the icon and you're on the net. What is that called?"

                    That is called Broadband, and there are two main types: Cable and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line).

                    Cable runs off the same cable as your TV. A special modem is used to hook up your computer to it. Disadvantage: the more people in your area are using the Internet, the slower your connection is. Advantage: there's no limit as to how far you can be from the office.

                    DSL uses the same wires as your telephone, but doesn't tie up your phone line; in fact you can talk and surf simultaneously. A different sort of modem is used to hook up your computer. Disadvantage: you must be within a certain distance (about 3 miles) of your telephone switching office. Advantage: Everybody in your neighborhood can be on the Internet and you won't notice the difference in speed.

                    In theory, cable is supposed to be faster than DSL. However, to allow more users to use the service at the same time, most cable Internet providers limit your speed, so in reality the speeds are about the same. Most people choose one or the other because of availability; a lucky few have a choice of both.

                    Be prepared for some sticker shock: The average price for Broadband is about $50/month [Eek!] You have to REALLY want it. If you're an occasional surfer, and don't download large files or watch streaming music and video, a 56k dialup is sufficient.


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                      To sum it up... Broadband is worth it...

                      You get to yap on the phone and surf the web at the same time, download movies and music at blazing fast speeds, and it's really only about 15 bucks more a month... Lots of people I know have a seperate phoneline for their dial up... which you won't need if you get Cable or DSL.
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