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Bush's new Gestapo.


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  • Bush's new Gestapo.

    This new thing he did with the FBI, oh geez. I just have to say this, Bush is the worst president this country has EVER had, even worst than Bill Clinton.

    Let's see, in just less than 2 years, Bush has destroyed our Constitution more than Clinton could do in 8 years. Bush's Anti-Patriot Act destroys several amendments, his signing of the Campaign Finance Reform was a serious blow to the 1st Am, and now this FBI thing, well there goes more of the 1st and 4th and 10 th Amendments.

    This guy is awful, he is a snake oil salesman, and will use the "terrorist" excuse for any anti-Constitutional crap he tries to pull. If anyone wants to know who the REAL terrorist is, it is Bush himself, he is terrorizing or CONSTITUTION!

    Didn't he swear to uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic when he took office? Well, one thing for sure, he is clearly the number one DOMESTIC enemy of our Constitution.

    Don't get me wrong, I am NOT a liberal, I am a conservative, but I am not one of those Conservatives who goes along the lines of Republican good, Democrat bad, and that is easy to do since I am not registered with either party. Really, there is no differences between the Republicans and Democrats anyway.

    Oh now wait, Bush said the 2nd Am guarentees our individual rights. Oh lah-dee-dah, yippee skipee, I guess I should do cartwheels. Big deal, I want ALL the Constitution protected, not just one part of it.

    In closing, never vote for anyone with the last name of Bush. This current jerkoff is the worst president ever, then his no good father would easily take 2nd worst president ever, then Billy Boy Clinton would take 3rd worst.

    I think it is time to start impeachment procedings.

    I know one thing, come 2004, I could care less if Hillary is in a tight race with this idiot, I will vote 3rd party, cuz Hillary Clinton couldn't possibly be any worst than this guy.

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    I didn't vote for Bush. I won't pretend I did. I'm a liberal, I'm not going to pretend I'm not.

    So can I just say my liberal perspective is ... uh, well, I have no idea. I do agree with you about the lack of difference between the Dems and the Republicans. I also think Bush only got the nomination because his dad happened to be president and have (essentially) the exact same name ...

    ... uh, are you a troll? Gotta ask ...

    [ 05-30-2002: Message edited by: Crazy in a Jeep ]


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      Crazy in a Jeep,

      I am not sure what kind of liberal you are, there are two kinds, there is the classic liberal(ones I can easily get along with, in spite of some differences), and there is the communist liberal, the ones I don't like.

      I am no doubt strongly conservative, however, I have NOTHING to do with the Republicans. I am glad you agree that there is NOOOOO difference between the two parties.

      You know what I seriously hope we see one day, the election come down between the candidate from the Green Party and the candidate from the Constitutional Party. They you get a REAL choice to choose from.

      That will never happen though, the powers that be will never allow it to happen, but that is a whole different and very long story in and of itself.


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