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9/11/01, What where you doing?


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  • 9/11/01, What where you doing?

    If this topic is inappropriate, mods please shut down at your leisure.

    I saw this on another board and since the one year mark is approaching I thought I would bring it here to ask some of you.

    What is it that you were doing when this tragedy occurred?

    I personally was trying to get to work on Camp Pendleton but ended up taking two plus hours to get through the gates. I was listeneing to events unfold on the radio.

    God Bless those lost!
    "Life breaks us all and afterwards some are strong at the broken places."
    --Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

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    I was in a medical billing class when we heard the news. Someone came in the room and told us what happened and everyone started getting nervous. They brought us all into the lounge and turned on the tv and we saw it on the news. Silence and then tears.

    My heart still goes out to all those people who lost their lives, all the people who lost their loved ones. God bless them all.

    It is a day no American will ever forget.


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      I was at work, it was the afternoon here in London. My wife phoned me from home and told me the first plane had hit. I work on the Senior Management Team floor so I grabbed them and we went to our Special Events office and turned on to BBC1. Within the hour I was up at the US Embassy meeting with the USMC and security staff, putting our contingency plans into place. Stayed there 'til it was done at about 20.00 local.
      Will be the same for me this year. Our security operation will start next week all round the US Embassy and US / Jewish interests.
      Hard to believe a year has passed, the events are still so fresh. Lets never forget what happened or those who were lost.
      The artist formerly known as Soho Bandit


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        I was at home in the cradle. We had a cop friend and kids staying with us at the time. She came in and told us that World War 3 was was about 07.30 NZ time.
        It took me while to realise what was actually happening because of the news reports confusion.
        I got a real sinking feeling in my stomach.
        I still get it when I remember what happened on 9/11.
        Watch your back team..


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          I had just gotten out of class and was heading back to work. I always listen to John Boy and Billy and I was catching bits and pieces of a story about a plane hitting a building. It took most of my 25 minute drive to put all the pieces together.

          Once I got to work, I did nothing but watch MSNBC, CNN and Fox News. I'll never forget seeing the buildings fall. The whole time I'm thinking..."oh, someone's about to get his a** kicked".


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            I was at work. I had walked up the hallway when one of the inmate workers came running out of the dress out room (there is a TV in there) screaming a plane had just hit the WTC. I went in and watched for a minute and realized it was too sunny and clear for this to have been an accident. So I went in my office where I also had a TV and sat and watched while I cried. I was so confused on exactly what was happening. I guess you could say I have always been niave to the whole terrorist thing. I remember more than anything else wanting to be at home with my family during this. My son was at daycare at the time and I couldn't wait to get to him and tell him I love him and hold him in my arms. It is a shame so many innocent lives were lost for such a pathetic cause. I will never be the same after 9/11, I will never forget...
            In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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              We went into a security alert (noone coming in or going out)and went into a lockdown. All crafts were ordered into the shops, all personal were to report to their supervisors and to the respective workareas.

              All guards were issued vests and rifles. Perimeter guards were doubled up and the sheriffs dept augmented security and patrolled the perimeter.

              Just about every shop has a closed circuit TV for information purposes. Everyone huddled up and watched the news,those that didnt got on the internet and saw things as they were happening. All of senior managment had emergency meetings,certain plans were being enacted around the country.

              Later in the afternoon, we had meetings dealing with various issues. It was an interesting day at work to say the least.From later discussions with our sister plants, pretty much all the nukes did the same thing.

              [ 08-31-2002, 06:04 PM: Message edited by: Watchman ]
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                I woke up to a news report on the radio. My alarm is tuned to KROQ, a local radio station that plays modern rock/alternative music, so news isn't too high on their priorities. Furthermore, the morning DJs are more pranksters than anything else. So when I heard the DJs talking about a plane crashing into the WTC, I thought that they had maybe taken a practical joke too far. So I walked into my living room, turned on the TV, sat in horror for about 5 minutes, and then watched the 2nd plane hit the WTC. My then soon-to-be 1-year-old daughter (gonna turn 2 on 9-21) came crawling into the living room and all I could do was hold her and tell her everything was going to be alright. Deep inside, though, I was worried about the world that she would grow up in, if there was a world left at all. Things sure are different when you have a kid...
                A closed mouth gathers no foot. --Unknown


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                  My wife and I were in Ten Sleep, Wyoming on vacation and I had just stepped out of the shower. I remember asking her "What the hell are you watching?" I thought it was just a movie at first. We watched for a while and decided we better head home. It's a long ride back to Texas with just news broadcasts to listen to.
                  "Trust me. I'm from the government, I'm here to help."


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                    As is my custom since retirement, I seldom turn on the TV or radio when I first wake up. I got dressed, have breakfast and then settled down for my "internet fix", as I call it. It was on that I first heard of the attack so I turned on the TV for the latest information.

                    Can't believe that was almost a year ago. I remember those pictures like I just saw them a few days ago.


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                      I had just finished second period, was starting third, when one of my students came in and told me a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. We both assumed it was a small commuter train.

                      Fifty minutes later I heard that it was bigger than that. I walked down to the library and grabbed a radio; my students and I sat in horrer listening to National Pinko Radio describe what was happening.

                      Fifth period I skipped lunch, cried, and prayed.
                      I haven't felt this good since we stole the 2000 elections!--Ned Flanders


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                        I was sitting on the couch at home watching the live morning news from a NY station that was filming an airliner having "difficulties".
                        The rest is history.
                        " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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                          "If this topic is inappropriate, mods please shut down at your leisure."

                          Grace, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your topic, as a matter of fact, thanks for posting it.

                          I was also on vacation, and driving up I85 in North Carolina and listening to the JohnBoy and Billy radio show. I listened, and really couldn't believe what I was hearing.


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                            I had just returned, a few days earlier, from a cross-Canada trip.

                            I was trying to get back to a graveyard schedule, so I was staying up til the wee hours and sleeping most of the day. I was awakened by my neighbors, who had NEWS radio turned up full blast and coming from their outdoor speakers.

                            I still had AOL then, so I logged on to check my mail. That's when I saw the photo of a burning World Trade Center on the opening page, and the words "TERRORIST ATTACKS ON AMERICA" above it.

                            I turned on NBC News (that's where the channel was at from the night before) in time to see the replay of the collapse.


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                              I was at work, tucked away in my office. Like a calm before the storm, I was looking out the window - across the street there was a new U of L research building going up and I thought to myself how strong those buildings must be. Next thing a know a fellow co-worker busted through my office saying that a plane hit the WTC, another went down in Washington and that we were at war.

                              I'll never forget those first few moments of finding out.


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