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Ricci Dies In Hospital


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  • Ricci Dies In Hospital,2933,61789,00.html

    Now, his family will say the jail didn't take better care of him, and caused him to die, and THEY will get a bunch of money in a settlement.

    This would be funny if it weren't so damned asinign. He probably raped killed her, and now his family will collect $ from the allready hurting taxbase.

    Welcome to America.
    People have more fun than anybody.

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    I was kind of hoping that another prisoner made his brain hemorrage, but you're right, the family will sue, and tax payers will be footing the bill.
    If he was the one who abducted Smart, then I hope that hemorrage was the most painful thing he could experience.
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      This is terrible news!

      Whatever happened to the other man he was supposedly with, after he returned his car to the repair garage? Was he ever identified?

      Can't tell if lack of police investigation updates mean progress is being made or if they've reached a dead end, with his demise. (Sorry for the pun.)



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        The only sad thing about his death is that he takes what he knows to his grave. Must be horrible for the parents to know their last hope for any info about their daughter is now dead.
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          At least they can no longer scapegoat Ricci for the crime he didn't commit. I still say prime suspect #1 is daddy followed by any close uncles, cousins, church members, neighbors.


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            I have to say this is a no win situation. After seeing Ricci's wife on Larry King tonight I felt a lot of compassion for her. I think she's been living in a dream world. I also think she is probably very lonely right now.

            I'm not saying Ricci is a stand-up guy, but I also am suspicious of the Smarts behavior and the way in which the daughter was so easily abducted wuth everybody home. Unfortunately it seems to be a trend. "Home-invasion kiddnapping" Kind of the car jacking of the 2000's.
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