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Serial Rapist sentenced


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  • Serial Rapist sentenced

    Howdy! This is a random post but here in Fort Collins we have had a serial rapist (who moved here after serial raping elsewhere in the US and murdering one of his victims). The police looked for this guy forEVER and new information seemed like it took forever to show up.

    Then they arrested this Air Force guy and he pled guilty and now he's in prison forever, no parole. Thank God for DNA evidence.

    It's not like I suddenly feel safer, 24 year old males weren't really this guy's thing (although my wife would have been right in that group). But it reinforces my already very positive view of the many, many law enforcement agencies that worked together to get this guy. For all the times that people are ****ed because they think cops are stupid or incompetent, there are a million times like this.
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    We had a serial rapist here at the beach. It was very very scary. It's such a small community and this guy was brazen. He was able to rape one of his victims in her car as people strolled by on the beach.
    Women were warned to STAY AWAY, STAY HOME because he wasn't raping just at the beach, where the water was. He was also going into homes. One woman was walking her dog in a brightly lit yard and he raped her.
    The cops were going crazy trying to catch him. The final straw came when a woman decided that her usual eveing walk along the shore line wouldn't be a problem. Her husband told her NOT to but she ignored the dangers. She hadn't stepped one foot out of her car when he got her.
    So, I guess this became priority #1. He was caught by chance. He was seen rifling through some peoples belongings on the beach on evening. The cops were jumping at anything so they asked for ID. (They were so on top of things, if you sneezed, they asked for ID, I think, so they could run warrants). He had warrants and was then identified as the serial rapist by the women. It was like they put this huge net out, watching, waiting, asking for ID's....and they got him.
    It was a great relief to the public and the cops and some very professional work by the cops.


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      We had a guy once that would always go into the homes of young single women but the twist was he always escaped naked on a motorcycle and raped them in the dark. We had a lot of witnesses of him riding the cycle but everyone was always taken aback since he was nude we could never get a plate or decrription. We did get a smell of his body from the women. We never caught him on the bike but through the smell with dogs. It turned out to be the mail man and knew which women were single. The scent of a cologme is what put him behind bars.
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