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    Anyone here been an academy director, or is currently one?

    I'm finding it a bit of a hard dynamic to adjust to a night academy. The big problem is that we go from military style marching and PT, and then raunchy humor and waste time in the classroom AND during PT. I am one of 2 woman with 16 men, mostly older than me. I am well-educated and law enforcement will be my first real career. I did the obstacle course in the fastest time and got 49 push-ups in a minute. This was better then most of the men. We will all be going to different agencies, but I still want to feel a bond over the next 8 months.

    My question is, how can I fit in with the guys without trying to be one? I also don't want to pretend to have trouble with things just to let guys feel less pressure. I used to be a tomboy as a child, but this situation seems very different as there is an added variable of different ages and races. The other woman in the class is 30 with two kids, black and out-of-shape. We are very friendly, but there is still a barrier because I am white, 25, personal trainer, and never been married and certainly no kids.

    Any ideas? As of now I've been very quiet, but I really have a great sense of humor and I think people can sense my tension and stress. I got along well with the road officers in all the departments I rode with in the past. So far I'm taking the philosophy of being "seen and not heard."

    Thanks for reading.
    Man hath no greater love than this, then to lay down his life for his friend.
    "The strength of the wolf is in the pack and the strength of the pack is in the wolf."- Kipling

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    I wanted to add, that the guys tend to complain a lot. Is this just a form of male communication, or do they really mean it? I find complaining makes things worse. I'm tempted to just join in order to talk more. They all seem like good people. We all have passed exstensive background checks.

    ...and I'm going on my third week. The first test is Tuesday.
    Man hath no greater love than this, then to lay down his life for his friend.
    "The strength of the wolf is in the pack and the strength of the pack is in the wolf."- Kipling


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      Our Police Academy is a large one and we are currently training 800 recruits. The total strength of our force is over 10,000 members.

      The Academy is run on a military type system and our drill is in accordance with the Australian Army Drill Manual. The Officer in Charge is called The Commandant.

      You are facing the same problems of many female police officers who are entering what was, until recently a male dominated occupation.

      My advice to you is to be what you are and what you have always been and as a female do not attempt to be "one of the guys". They will not respect you for it, nor will anyone else.

      Be careful about addopting the philosphy or being seen and not heard. Your Instructors may see this as a sign of lacking leadship and self confidence.

      At our Police Academy, recruits are formed into Squads and we encourage each Squad to be a "special family" and to help and support each other within their Squad. This is what we call "Bonding the Squad" This is all part of police training and is to ensure that each recruit is taught the importance of "backing each other up" when they are out on the street.

      From what you have stated, you appear to have strong attributes both physically and mentally. Perhaps you could use these to help out your fellow squad mates who are perhaps finding the going a bit more difficult than you and thereby assist in "bonding with each other"

      Just a little bit of infomation that might point you in the right direction.

      Good luck.


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        Without being there and really knowing everyone's personality, I am still inclined to offer this opinion:

        Be open minded and cordial to others, and certainly talk and get to know each of them, including their family situation and motivations for being there, but don't go so far as to be "fake" just to bond. The bonding will occur naturally if it's meant to be, without you having to consciously "work at it."

        Two examples from my personal life that makes me believe this-
        US Army Basic Training (I was in the National Guard)-At the start of my Basic Training, the guys in my platoon were as different as guys can be. We had country folk, rednecks, (these two are NOT the same thing!) guys from urban areas, inner city guys, punks, geeks, blacks, whites, Latinos, guys whose families were farmers, military, businessmen, criminals, EVERYTHING. We had IQ levels from 85 - 145, and many of us HATED some of the others. BUT, as time wore on, we begin acting as a group or team, and just the mental stresses that they put you through, gave us something in common. By the end, we were all buddies, and I thought of every man there as a brother. Toward the end, we helped each other out. I couldn't climb the rope but the others helped me, and not just my "buddies"-guys I didn't necessarily care for in the beginning. In turn, I was able to coach them with Drill and Ceremonies (ex-ROTC geek here) and Marksmanship (just basics, since we could actually shoot on our own, but Marksmanship is all about the basics-form, breathing, trigger control, sight alignment, etc.)

        My own BLET (also a night school). Pretty much the same thing as Army Basic Training. When it started, we were strangers. But a kinship naturally developed-the rigors of the training and the stress that comes from the worry over tests and family concerns at home will act as a natural welder and FUSE a bond between you, without you having to consciously make it happen.

        Being "fake" will stand out and do more harm than good. If you are in a night school, then I assume you probably have several more months for this to happen. I would humbly suggest to offer help (in a nice way) to any that are struggling with an area you might be doing well at, and, as I said above, just talk to them during down time and off time. Get to know their likes and dislikes, their family situations, their hobbies, and (IMHO), one of the biggest, find out what's important to them ( be it their wife, husband, BF, GF, dog, cat, 69 Camaro, God, collection of 800 porn movies, etc.)

        That said, THERE IS ALWAYS "ONE" !!!!!!!!!!!!! Every BLET I know of has "one." The one that nobody likes, the one that always screws up, the one that asks the weirdest questions, you know
        People have more fun than anybody.


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