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NO RESPECT!!! **rant**


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  • NO RESPECT!!! **rant**

    Ok, bear with me... I need to get this out...

    1st rant:

    The other day, the wife, daughter, and I go out to our local Olive Garden restaurant for a little dinner. Everything is fine until the host escorts another three people (one male, two women)to sit near us. Once seated, the guy asks the host if he is their waiter and then says, "Oh, I'm sorry, you're like the host, right? You get paid more than the waiter because you are better than a waiter, right?" My "Idiot Radar" (tm) began going off right then and there. Then, their waiter came, poor kid. The guy prefaced his order with, "Some people think this is a scam, but it's not." Again, *ding, ding* the radar is going off. He tells the waiter, "the breadsticks are free, right? And the only thing you charge for is the sauce if we order it? Ok, we want an order of the marinara sauce and some breadsticks please. Oh, can we also get some ice water. You don't charge for that, right? Don't worry, we'll pay for the sauce." Now look, I try to cut costs wherever I can also, and I'm always on the lookout for a great deal, but I think this is going a bit too far. The poor waiter, he kept bringing those people more and more breadsticks and water. As soon as the waiter walked away, one of the girls (all three were about 17 or 18 years old) opened up her backpack and took out some crackers and cans of soda. As the waiter went back and forth, they would make comments like "Do you think he spit in our sauce?" They even had the audacity to try to send the sauce back because they didn't get it exactly like they wanted it. When the people at the table next to them left, they asked the busboy if they could have their leftovers. I felt sorry for the employees there, because to these guys, it was all a big joke about how they were cheating a restaurant for free food. I later talked with the manager to let him know that their waiter and staff deserve some type of commendation for having to deal with such rude and inconsiderate people. It was then that I found out that this wasn't the first time they had come in and did that. I think it's about time to start barring those people from coming back in. Oh, and the final straw that broke the camel's back: they actually sat there and tried to figure out what 15% of $3.00 was so they could say they left an appropriate tip for the waiter!

    2nd rant:

    When I make a mistake, I'm man enough to admit it and suffer the consequences. Apparently, some people have yet to learn this basic skill needed for everday living. My wife parked her car at the local college the day of her final. When she came back, there was a nice dent in the rear bumper and driver's side quarter panel. Of course, whoever it was, didn't leave a note on the car. So this goes out to the person or persons who did this and/or saw this and don't have the cajones to say anything: I hope you are proud of yourselves. Thanks to you, money is coming out of my pocket to repair damage that you caused. Because of you, my insurance premiums are going up. Because of you, I am without the use of that car for 1 or 2 weeks. Thanks to you, I look at every white car I see and wonder "Is that the car that inflicted this life ending tragedy upon me?" All I have to say is thank you for reminding me that I can't trust anyone.

    Ok... thanks for letting me get that off my chest... you may resume your normal "" activities.
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    I don't know about where you are, but here, you can't bring your own food into a restaurant because of the health code, so they'd have been ejected.


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      The restaurant tried to be polite but that doesn't mean the other patrons have to. I would have embarrassed them verbally in front of everyone.
      Sometimes I lack the self control that you displayed.
      It's easier to get out of jail than it is a morgue. Live long and defend yourself!

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        Ok, I have a rant. The other day I pulled into the drive-in of our bank at 3:50. The bank closes at 4. One car ahead of me, no cars behind me. I had to wait a bit and then pulled up to the window as the other car left. I put the canister with my deposit in and pressed the button. Nothing. The teller goes to the microphone and says, "I


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          Unless badly misinformed, YOUR insurance rates DO NOT go up because SOMEONE ELSE committed what amounts to a 'hit and run' against your vehicle.

          The restaurant has a RIGHT to REFUSE SERVICE to ANY customer for ANY reason, and in the cited example, should do so!

          Time to cool down....gotta go '10-8' at 1600. LOL
          "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
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            Mitzi, that happened to me before and they told me to put it in the nite deposit but I needed it posted on my account that day. I wasn't happy. I also let them know.
            Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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              Okay HNDLC3, you forgot to add in the deep personal plesure of getting to deal with your insurance company. Hip Hip Hooray!!!


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                You know, my hsuband always says, Joseph, "Don't sweat the small stuf." I know he would have just driven off and made that long trip back the next day to deposit it. But, I stand up when I think things are wrong. I hope I got that teller in trouble because maybe she will think twice about doing that to another customer.
                I remember once, when my son was little, he had been crying off and on for a couple of days and spiked a fever on Friday. I called the dr and told them and she asked when he started crying and I had told her two days previous. And she said, "Then WHY are you calling us just NOW, on a Friday when we want to get home to our own families?" I was livid. I said, "Because I'M NOT A DOCTOR AND CRYING DOESN'T MEAN HE'S SICK. HE HAS A FEVER NOW." She backed down immediately. I was still steamed when I got in there. She said that it was just that an extra appointment meant they got off later so that meant they had to rearrange their schedules too. I told her, "Well, next time, I'll just let him be sick all wekend so I won't inconveinece any of you or I'll just tell the litle fella to please not get sick after Thursday...take you pick". She didn't know what to say and just walked out.
                I found a new dr after that.


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                  Originally posted by Popeye:
                  Okay HNDLC3, you forgot to add in the deep personal plesure of getting to deal with your insurance company. Hip Hip Hooray!!!
                  Oh yeah, don't even...

                  I just got the forms in the mail today that have to be filled out. One to the DMV, and one to the insurance. I also got the estimate of repair: almost $3,500!!!! OMG, I'm glad I got insurance.

                  It just upsets me that a lot of people find nothing wrong with doing those types of things to other people. I would have many sleepless nights if I had done that. I know a majority of the people aren't like that, but that minority sure does make life harder for the rest of us trying to get by as best we can. Oh well, I'm over it, but my wife on the other hand... sheesh... I'm gonna get her a license plate frame that says "When she drives, it's her car. When he drives, it's still her car!" I think that explains how she feels about that car.
                  A closed mouth gathers no foot. --Unknown


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