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Police shoot 5 pound dog


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  • Police shoot 5 pound dog

    So this reminded me of the thread about the officer who shot the poodle type dog after pulling into the owners driveway to ask for directions. I remember I was very blunt in my opinion about said officer's "intestinal fortitude" to put it nicely.

    A lot of people defended his actions because that breed of dog could do damage which I suppose is a possibility. Someone even justified shooting a chihuahua because it could "tear and achilles tendon" which I found ridiculous. I was thinking it was purely hypothetical as there could never be a case of the police shooting such a small dog right?

    Looks like I was mistaken.

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    Police say one officer was bit 17 times on one hand and nine times on the other. Then the dog clamped down and wouldn't let go.

    Hey MORON, quit grabbing the dog!

    I have 2 five lb dogs (in addition to a German Shepherd) and can tell you what they are capable of.... this was nothing a shoe can handle...

    They tried to taser that small dog too... how stupid...PEPPER SPRAY will work and you won't miss...

    That's also why there's animal control.....


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